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The lithopod family is a family of enemies that exists in all three Pikmin games. Members of this family have the ability to suck in air and spit out rocks. Each enemy has a different way of attacking, with their strengths and weaknesses. In Pikmin, the rocks can be destroyed by a punch, while in Pikmin 2, a Purple Pikmin's stomp can destroy them with ease. Leaders can also lie down to destroy them without receiving damage.

The name "Lithopod" is derived from the Greek word "lithos", meaning stone (as they spit out stones), and "arthropod", due to their insect-like appearance.


Arctic Cannon Larva[edit]

Arctic Cannon Larva.png

Official family unknown

The Arctic Cannon Beetle is a variety of lithopod that appears in Pikmin 3. It is of a brighter whitish-green color compared to the Armored Cannon Larva with a lavender underbelly. They live in snowy areas, and instead of spitting out boulders, they spit out snowballs that trap Pikmin and leaders, and sends them back on a predetermined path. Like the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva's boulders, Winged Pikmin can fly over them. The only non-visual different between it and its cousin is that snowballs don't flatten Pikmin, but can knock them into hazards or send them back to the end of the path.

Armored Cannon Beetle[edit]

Armored Cannon Beetle.png

The Armored Cannon Beetle is the mature specimen of an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. Strangely, it was only seen in Pikmin, whereas the larval forms were exclusive to the sequel. It is a large, black, metallic-looking beetle with a thick, impervious, rounded shell of armor, a blowhole above its head, and a mouth. It attacks by inhaling through its blowhole and subsequently spitting out rolling rocks from its mouth, crushing any Pikmin (or leader) in the way. The only way to defeat it is to clog its blowhole with a Pikmin, which will cause the beetle to expose its steaming red backside.

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva[edit]

Armored cannon larva.png

Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae are enemies in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. They resemble large grubs with small blue eyes and a mouth bearing resemblance to that of the Armored Cannon Beetle. It also has a blowhole, but appears to inhale through its mouth, unlike the adult form. This animal behaves in much the same manner as the Armored Cannon Beetle, but turns and spits at a faster rate and has much less health. They do not have the hard exoskeleton the adults are infamous for, and are thus vulnerable on all parts of their body.

Decorated Cannon Beetle[edit]


Decorated Cannon Beetles have an appearance identical to Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae, except they are red instead of green. They, too, spit out stones, but their rocks home in on the leaders due to magnetic substance is inside the rock which locks onto the leaders' suits. The adult form of this has not appeared in any Pikmin games so far, but they appear to be in the same family as the Armored Cannon Beetle.