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A box of Pikmin figures.

This article concerns Pikmin products that are not video games or used with video games.

Pikmin figurines[edit]

Agatsuma has released three volumes of Pikmin toys to promote Pikmin 2. They were only released in Japan, and were produced in randomly arranged sets.

Volume One[edit]

The first of the three volumes. These contain three sets of three Pikmin (red, blue, or yellow) with Olimar, Louie, or The President included. There are three sets with red, white, and purple Pikmin in different stages. These include a Dwarf Red Bulborbs in each set. There are also three sets with five Pikmin each, in different stages. Oddly, there are nine red Pikmin, and six of every other type. The Hocotatians used in this volume are also used in volume three. The rare special figurine for this one is a Red Bulborb. The Pikmin in this volume are the same as the ones used in volume two. The figures are not made of the same material that is used in series 3.

Volume two[edit]

Volume two has six of each Pikmin (two leaf, two bud, two flower) a Wogpole and Yellow Wollywog. Another set has the Dwarf Orange Bulborb, Dwarf Red Bulborb, and Snow Bulborb. The set of three Purples comes with a Bulborb Larva. The set of three Whites come with a Breadbug. The Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin sets come with three different stages of Bulbmin. Two secret figures are the regular Ship and a golden Ship. The figurines are the same as in Volume one, except instead of three Dwarf Red Bulborbs, there are many different creatures. These figurines are of the same material as series 1.

Volume three[edit]

The three sets that contain three red, blue, or yellow Pikmin come with a Pellet Posy of the same color, instead of a Bulbmin as in volume two, or a Dwarf Red Bulborb as in volume one. As always, the set of five flower, bud, or leaf Pikmin don't come with anything. Purples and Whites come with Fiery Blowhog or Watery Blowhog. A set of Olimar, Louie, and President is also available, they are the same as the set from volume one and two. The three secret Items are the Onions. This volume looks much more organic than volumes 1 or 2.


Pikmin E-reader series 1

There are 6 types of Pikmin e-cards, which are the original Pikmin colours and their onions. The three colour groups (red, yellow, and blue) unlock puzzle games buried deep in the recesses of the Pikmin 2 game by using Nintendo's Pikmin 2 Puzzle e-cards (requires the use of an E-card reader).

The three games are as follows:

  • Hikkonuki Pikmin: The player must pluck every Pikmin from the ground.
  • Tekuteku Pikmin: Control the Pikmin moving in the same direction and try to get them into the goal.
  • Tsunagete Pikmin: Move panels around to create a path for the Pikmin so that they can reach a goal.

Nintendo Monopoly (2010 edition)[edit]

A Nintendo Monopoly set

Pikmin are featured on the sides of the box of the 2010 edition of Nintendo Monopoly. B&O Railroad has been replaced with a red Onion and the Dolphin is one of the metal playing pieces.

Miscellaneous items[edit]

  • A few Japanese novels have been written about Pikmin, and there are Pikmin and Pikmin 2 guides, as well as a book to learn how to read with Pikmin.
  • School supplies, including tin pencil cases, markers, erasers, stickers, pens, pencils, notebooks, files, paper, pencil toppers and mechanical pencil leads.
  • Pikmin plush toys were sent to reviewers to get them ready for Pikmin 3. These plush toys were later sold on Club Nintendo Europe.