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Besides the games, there are other Pikmin products for sale, ranging from plushes to keychains.


Merchandise released by Nintendo[edit]

This section is regarding Pikmin-themed merchandise released officially by Nintendo. All of this merchandise has the official Nintendo seal, and is not released by a third party.

Pikmin games[edit]

Some of the many covers for the Pikmin series.

Obviously the most important Pikmin merchandise that exists are the Pikmin games themselves. Collectors should know that over the years many different versions of each game have been released, even more than shown in the image to the right, such as the Nintendo Selects version of Pikmin 3, as well as simple updates when the games are re-released. More information can be found in each game's page.

Pikmin and Pikmin 2 bundle[edit]

In Japan, there was a copy of Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for the GameCube sold together in a bundle, which also included a set of 5 Pikmin figures. The figures featured a Red, a Blue, a Yellow, a Purple, and a White Pikmin, and a special cardboard container to hold and display them. The container is labeled "Pikmin 1+2", which is one of the few examples of Pikmin being referred to as "Pikmin 1".

Pikmin 2 Special Edition Starter Set[edit]

In July 21st, 2004 in Japan, a GameCube bundle was released, titled "Pikmin 2 Special Edition Starter Set". It came with a silver GameCube, a silver and an emerald blue controller, a copy of Pikmin 2, and a Purple Pikmin plushie.

Olimar amiibo[edit]

The Olimar amiibo is part of the sixth/seventh wave of the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo in the US and Europe, respectively. So far, the Olimar amiibo is confirmed to be compatible with the following games.

Olimar-exclusive compatibility[edit]

Games in which the Olimar amiibo provides some content that the other amiibo do not. Usually, the content is inspired by the Pikmin series.

  • In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, the Olimar amiibo acts as a Figure Player, just as all the other Super Smash Bros. series amiibo, and will save data to the amiibo's chip.
  • In Mario Kart 8, the amiibo will unlock an Olimar-styled suit for the Mii character, with the body of the costume resembling Olimar's spacesuit, and the helmet being designed to look like a space helmet. On the back of the helmet is a Red Pikmin hanging on. Mario Kart 8 does not save data to the amiibo.
  • In Yoshi's Woolly World, the amiibo unlocks an Olimar-styled Yoshi. The Yoshi is stylized to look like Olimar, and the spikes on the back of its head have the same color as the first three Pikmin. Yoshi's Woolly World does not save data to the amiibo.
  • In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +, unlocks a Pikmin and Olimar-themed aircraft for players to use in the game.
  • In Super Mario Maker, the amiibo gives players access to an Olimar costume for Mario. A Pikmin costume also exists, and is awarded randomly after completing the 100 Mario challenge. No data is saved to the amiibo.
  • In Kirby: Planet Robobot, the Olimar amiibo gives Kirby the leaf ability, representing the leaf on a Pikmin's stem.

General compatibility[edit]


AR cards[edit]

There were 3 Pikmin-themed 3DS AR cards released along with e-shop cards. The cards are able to show 3D animated Pikmin models on the camera picture of a 3DS. There was also a Pikmin-themed AR card featured with the other 6 3DS AR cards that come with every 3DS.

e-Reader cards[edit]

There are 6 types of Pikmin e-reader cards (called e+ cards in Japan), which are of the original three Pikmin types and their Onions. The three color groups (Red, Yellow, and Blue) unlock puzzle games buried deep in the recesses of Pikmin 2, by using Nintendo's Pikmin 2 puzzle e-cards (which require the use of an e-Reader). A binder for holding the e+ cards was also released.

The three games are as follows:

  • Plucking Pikmin: The player must pluck every Pikmin from the ground.
  • Marching Pikmin: The player controls the Pikmin by moving them in the same direction, and must try to get them into the goal.
  • Connecting Pikmin: The player moves panels around to create a path for the Pikmin so that they can reach a goal.

Club Nintendo merchandise[edit]

  • For members that achieved Platinum status for 2012-2013, Nintendo offered a bundle of three posters as a prize. These posters were about Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, as well as one themed around the Year of Luigi. This bundle was also made available to any Club Nintendo member during the last phase of Club Nintendo rewards before the shutdown.
  • A Pikmin tote bag was available the day Pikmin 3 released in America. It is 15×13 inches in size, with a 24 inch handle. The bag costs 400 coins, and features a phrase that reads: "Pikmin tote, attack, multiply, become snacks."
  • Red and Yellow Pikmin keychains were released as Club Nintendo exclusives in Europe only. These keychains were part of a 5-piece set containing red, blue, yellow, winged, and rock all with various fruits. The other three were obtained by pre-ordering Pikmin 3 from an European store called GAME.
  • A T-shirt featuring a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin was released as a Club Nintendo reward in Japan. Underneath the Pikmin was text that read "Pikmin fall when alone, but as one, they fear none."
  • Part of the Pikmin e+ card collection was only obtainable through Club Nintendo starting on December 11th, 2004. The 6 cards available were 24, 26 41, 46, 49, and 54. They were only available in Japan, and cost 80 points in all.
  • A 3DS game card case that came bundled with two Super Mario-themed covers and a Pikmin-themed cover is one of the products available in Club Nintendo America. Each cover is reversible, allowing for 6 different styles.
  • Japan also got a version of the 3DS game card case bundled with a larger variety of covers. They included 3 Mario covers, and a Pikmin cover. These are all reversible as well, allowing for 8 different styles.
  • A 2012 calendar had Pikmin 2 on the April 2012 page.
  • A 2013 calendar had Pikmin 3 on the May 2013 page.
  • A set of 3 Nintendo pins were released for Japanese Club Nintendo members, featuring pins based on the The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and Pikmin series.
  • A set of 3 Pikmin plushes were released as Club Nintendo rewards in Europe in July 2013, and cost 2000 points each. These plushes were also sent to certain reviewers of Pikmin 3.

In addition, there are some digital downloads related to Pikmin 3. One download includes three ringtones – a portion of the enemy variant of the main Mission Mode theme, a portion of the end of day theme, and a portion of the title screen theme – and another contains a wallpaper in different sizes, featuring the three crew members on a white background.

Event-exclusive Pikmin merchandise[edit]

EB Games offered an exclusive "Pikmin clock in a can" with Pikmin 3 preorders.

A European store called GAME offered one of three keyrings with any Pikmin 3 preorder. Buyers could choose from a Winged Pikmin, a Rock Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin all on various fruits. These keyrings were part of a series of 5 which also featured a Red and Yellow Pikmin, however these were only available through the Club Nintendo of Europe.

In Japan, pre-ordering Pikmin 3 from Yamada Denki would get the buyer a clear Pikmin 3-themed file folder.

There were Pikmin 3 patches representing the three original Pikmin types, given away at various locations such as E3 2013, and the Pikmin 3 GameStop Hands-On event.

Merchandise released by third parties[edit]

This section is regarding Pikmin-themed merchandise released officially by third parties. All of this merchandise has the official Nintendo seal, and is not released by Nintendo directly.

Jakk's Pacific Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Jakk's Pacific is a toy company that is responsible for most of the World of Nintendo toy selection.


Jakk's Pacific has a collection of Pikmin-themed plushes in the works, some of which are already released. They are being released in sets of series, along with other Nintendo characters. The plushes are approximately 7.5 inches tall. They are in a similar style to the Pikmin plushes released in 2001 and 2004, but are of a different fabric, and are a few inches taller.

Red Pikmin
  • Series: Plush Series 1-2
  • Release date: 2014
Yellow Pikmin
  • Series: Plush Series 1-2
  • Release date: 2014
Blue Pikmin
  • Series: Plush Series 1-3
  • Release date: 2015
White Pikmin
  • Series: Plush Series 1-6
  • Release date: November 2015


Jakk's Pacifichas a collection of Pikmin-themed figures in the works, some of which are already released. They are being released in sets of series, along with other Nintendo characters. The first wave of Pikmin figures consist of Olimar and a Red Pikmin, with more waves set to release periodically over the calendar year. All of the figures are approximately 2.5 inches tall. Text is written on the back of each box describing each character respectively. These figures are not based off of Pikmin 3 exclusively – the image on the back of the Red Pikmin box shows a Red Pikmin with a bud as it appears in Pikmin 3, however the image of Olimar shows him as he would look in Pikmin and Pikmin 2. This is odd, because the figure itself has Olimar's visible whistle and the extra suit buttons, which he did not obtain until the third game.

  • Series: 2.5 Inch Series 1-3
  • Release date: April 6th, 2015
  • Box text:
    The main character of the game Pikmin. Captain Olimar crash lands on a mysterious planet after his spaceship malfunctions. In order to get off the planet, he must gather the pieces of his broken ship, but the atmosphere of the planet is poisonous to Olimar. As a result, he has to enlist the help of the native Pikmin.
Red Pikmin
  • Series: 2.5 Inch Series 1-3
  • Release date: April 6th, 2015
  • Box Text:
    A type of Pikmin—which are odd beings who grow like plants yet are as mobile as animals. Red ones are heat and fire resistant and are strong attackers, which makes them valuable when facing dangerous does. Purple Pikmin are also tough fighters, but since it's difficult to increase their numbers, red Pikmin are easier to manage. Red Pikmin have distinct pointed noses.
Blue Pikmin
  • Series: 2.5 Inch Series 1-4
  • Release date: July 2015
  • Box text:
    Blue Pikmin, as their name implies, are a blue species of Pikmin that reside on PNF-404. Besides coloration, these Pikmin are distinguishable from other Pikmin species by their mouths, a trait seen in no other Pikmin species. These mouths are used to take in water, which filters oxygen through gills located on their cheeks. This gives them the astonishing ability to live their lives completely underwater.
Yellow Pikmin
  • Series: 2.5 Inch Series 1-5
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Box text:
    A type of Pikmin. Take a nutrient-rich pellet to a flying saucer known as an Onion, and it will produce the mysterious beings known as Pikmin. Yellow ones fly higher than other Pikmin when tossed by Olimar or Louie. Unlike other Pikmin, they're also highly resistant to electricity, which makes them invaluable when battling enemies like anode dweevils.
Purple Pikmin
  • Series: 2.5 Inch Series 1-6
  • Release date: November 2015
  • Box text:
    An uncommon Pikmin both ten times as heavy and ten times as strong at carrying objects as other Pikmin. When thrown, Purple Pikmin will cause a shockwave to occur on impact due to their weight. Purple Pikmin are slightly taller and noticably fatter than other Pikmin; additionally, they also have hair-like protrusions on their heads.

Sanei Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Pikmin plushes[edit]

In 2001, nine Pikmin plushes were released by the Japanese Company Sanei. The plushes consisted of the first three Pikmin plushes each with either a leaf, bud, or flower. In 2004 they re-released and re-tagged these plushes to focus on Pikmin 2, as well as releasing 9 more plushes. These new plushes consisted of Purple and White Pikmin, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower variant, as well as a plush for Captain Olimar, Louie, and a red Bulborb. The Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Olimar, and Louie plushes are all approximately 7 inches, while the Purple is approximately 9 inches, the White is approximately 6 inches, and Bulborb is approximately 10 inches.

Pikmin Keyring Plushes and Plush Containers[edit]

In 2013, they released a similar lineup of smaller 5 inch figures that also included a keying. The set contained a Red leaf Pikmin, a budded Yellow Pikmin, a flowered Blue Pikmin, a budded Purple Pikmin, and a flowered White Pikmin. They also released three Pikmin plushes at the same time which acted as containers. These included a Red Pikmin with a grassy box, a Blue Pikmin with a mug, and a Yellow Pikmin with a log-cup.

Pikmin Chibi holders[edit]

In 2014, Sanei Released Pikmin Chibi Chibi holders, which can be used to hold things such as cell phones and wallets, or anything else around the house, in order to make it look like the Pikmin are carrying them. There were three sets of holders, each with three of one type of Pikmin. They consisted of Red, Yellow, or Blue Pikmin, and had leaf, flower, and bud variants.

Agatsuma Pikmin figurines[edit]

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Agatsuma has released three volumes of Pikmin toys to promote Pikmin 2. They were only released in Japan, and were produced in randomly arranged sets.

Volume one[edit]

The first of the three volumes. These contain three sets of three Pikmin (Red, Yellow, or Blue) with Olimar, Louie, or the President included. There are three sets with Red, White, and Purple Pikmin in different stages. These include a Dwarf Red Bulborbs in each set. There are also three sets with five Pikmin each, in different stages. Oddly, there are nine Red Pikmin, and six of every other type. The Hocotatians used in this volume are also used in volume three. The rare special figurine for this one is a Red Bulborb. The Pikmin in this volume are the same as the ones used in volume two. The figures are not made of the same material that is used in series 3.

Volume two[edit]

Volume two has six of each Pikmin (two leaf, two bud, two flower), a Wogpole, and a Yellow Wollywog. Another set has the Dwarf Orange Bulborb, Dwarf Red Bulborb, and Snow Bulborb. The set of three Purples comes with a Bulborb Larva. The set of three Whites comes with a Breadbug. The Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin sets come with three different stages of Bulbmin. Two secret figures are the regular ship and its golden variant. The figurines are the same as in volume one, except instead of three Dwarf Red Bulborbs, there are many different creatures. These figurines are of the same material as series 1.

Volume three[edit]

The three sets that contain three Red, Blue, or Yellow Pikmin come with a Pellet Posy of the same color, instead of a Bulbmin as in volume two, or a Dwarf Red Bulborb as in volume one. As always, the set of five flower, bud, or leaf Pikmin doesn't come with anything. Purples and Whites come with a Fiery Blowhog or a Watery Blowhog. A set of Olimar, Louie, and President is also available; they are the same as the set from volume one and two. The three secret items are the Onions. This volume looks much more organic than volumes 1 or 2.

Takara Tomy Arts Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Takara Tomy Arts a toy company that specializes in Japanese exclusive capsule toys. For many years they have released various Pikmin-themed collectible Gashapon toys.

Pikmin 3 gummy and collectible card packs[edit]

These packs were released by Takara Tomy and come packaged with one Pikmin card and a cider flavored gummy candy. They were released in October 2013 in Japan only. Each pack came with 3 cards, and there are 20 cards in all.

Pikmin keyring collection[edit]

Takara Tomy Arts released a collection of keyrings in February 2014 based on Pikmin 3. The keychains are comprised of Red, Yellow, Blue, Winged, and Rock Pikmin types, each with either a lead, bud, or flower, bringing the total number of keychains in this series to 15. They are designed to clip onto each other from top to bottom, so that one can create "ropes" of Pikmin. These were common to find in Japanese dollar stores.

Pikmin supply collection[edit]

Takara Tomy released a collection of Pikmin-themed supplies in December of 2013. They were sold in machines in Japan for 200 yen each. The supplies consisted of Pikmin business card holders available in Red and Yellow Pikmin variations, Pikmin rubber bands, Pikmin decorative tape, and Pikmin mini notepads.

Pikmin swing collection[edit]

Takara Tomy released a collection of Pikmin Swing Mascots in September of 2013. They are rubbery toy Pikmin that can wiggle back and forth when shaken. They come in plastic pots with brown hard plastic made to look like dirt, however it is advertised that the Pikmin can also be stuck into an earphone jack. The pot is brown and has "Pikmin" written on it. The Pikmin are each about 3 inches tall, and consist of a Red, Yellow, or Blue Pikmin, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower, totaling to 9 different variants. The leaf/bud/flower and eyes are the same color as the Pikmin itself, to ease on production costs.

Pikmin keychain collection[edit]

In March 2002 Takara Tomy released a set of keychains which contained a few Pikmin figures, and a clip. The figures consisted of Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower, as well as red, blue, and yellow pellets, and a Captain Olimar figure. The keychain clip would come with either 2 or 3 figures as well as a tag with the Japanese Pikmin logo. Keychain clips that contained Olimar would have Olimar and one other figure, while keychain clips that did not would have 3 other various figures.

In July of 2004, these figures were re-released for Pikmin 2, which they then added on to the number of figures. Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin and Bulbmin, with leaf, bud, and flower variants were added, as well as a figure for Louie, and the President. The clip was replaced with a strap, and the logo on the tag was replaced with the Japanese Pikmin 2 logo.

Due to popularity in the first set of keychains, as well as the recent release of Pikmin 3, in June 2013 the figures were released a third time, again based around the first Pikmin game. This time the figures featured straps again, with Olimar attached to the strap, with a Pikmin attached to a new ring on the bottom of Olimar's feet. The series contained 9 different keychains which featured Olimar and one Pikmin. The Pikmin with Olimar varies between Red, Yellow, or Blue and has either a leaf, bud, or flower.

Pikmin magnet collection[edit]

In December 2002, Takara Tomy released a set of 7 magnets based on Pikmin called "Pikmin Relief Magnets". Six of the seven could be placed next to each other on a magnetic surface to display a line of Pikmin in whatever order the user wants. The seventh was just an emblem. They were sold in machines in Japan for 200 yen.

Pikmin suction cup figure collection[edit]

Takara Tomy released a collection of Pikmin figures with suction cups in October of 2012. There were 11 figures total, consisting of 3 Red Pikmin, 3 Yellow Pikmin, and 3 Blue Pikmin, each with a leaf, bud, and flower variant, as well as a Mushroom Pikmin and Captain Olimar figure. The leaf Pikmin were also shown carrying pellets. They were sold in machines in Japan for 100 yen. Each container came with 2 Pikmin, with the exception of Olimar, who came alone.

Ensky Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Pikmin 3 character decal stickers[edit]

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Ensky released packages of Pikmin 3-themed decal stickers in 2013. Each packaged contained two stickers, and one piece of Ramune Candy. There are 18 stickers in all.

Pikmin Mini Towel[edit]

A towel released by Ensky and is available in Japan. It was also available in America during E3 2013 on the second day.

Pikmin Drawstring Bag[edit]

Pikmin 3 puffy sticker sheet[edit]

A sheet of 35 PVC puffy stickers was released by Ensky in 2013. They feature various characters from Pikmin 3.

Pikmin 3 2014 calendar[edit]

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In late 2013, Ensky released a Pikmin 3-themed 2014 stand-up desk calendar. It contains 14 pages, 12 for each month, one for the cover, and one for the overview of all the months.

Pikmin 3 memo pad[edit]

In 2013, Ensky released a Pikmin 3-themed memo pad. It features many removable pages for users to take notes on, and a cover page.

Pikmin 3 planner[edit]

A Pikmin 3-themed planner was released by Ensky in 2013. The planner also came with a sheet of stickers intended to be used for decorating the included planner. The dimensions are 175x90mm.

Pikmin 3 jigsaw puzzle sets[edit]

Many Pikmin 3 jigsaw puzzles were released by Ensky in 2013. Four of these were 52 piece jigsaw puzzles, which also included a piece of Ramune Candy and when assembled, and measured 25.7x18.2cm. There was also one 108 piece puzzle which measured 18.2x25.7cm, a 300 piece puzzle which measured 26x38cm, and a 352 piece puzzle which measured 18.2x51.5cm.

Pikmin 3 magnets[edit]

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A set of 12 Pikmin 3-themed magnet cards were released by Ensky in 2013. Some of the cards allowed users to punch out Pikmin characters, while others used the entire card to display Pikmin 3 art.

Taito Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Pluck-able Pikmin plushes[edit]

These plushes made by Taito were only made available in Japan. There is a Red, Yellow, and Blue, and they stand 5-inches tall.

Pikmin plush cap[edit]

Taito released 3 Pikmin hats, one for Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin. These hats were worn by E3 2013 staff, and are only available in Japan.

UlalaCube Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Bendy Keychains[edit]

A collection of Pikmin-themed rubbery bendable keychains were released in Japan by UlalaCube in mid-December of 2013. There were 6 different types of keychains, which consisted of a Red Pikmin, a Blue Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, a Purple and White Pikmin, and a Flying and Rock Pikmin, as well as a "secret" variant which was actually a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin together. All of the keychains were approximately 100 by 80 mm, and came in boxes of 12, as well as sold separately at stores in Japan.

Light switch decoration[edit]

Three decal stickers were made by Ulalacube to be placed on light switches and other highly visible areas. They come in only one color, black, and they come in all variations from all of the Pikmin games.

Hasepro Pikmin-themed tableware[edit]

The following are various forks and bowls for Pikmin 3. They were made by Hasepro, and were only available in Japan. There were 2 bowls, 3 cups, 2 forks, and 2 spoons. They are made out of melamine.

Ban Dai[edit]


On February 2nd, 2014, Pikmin calculators made by Ban Dai in collaboration with Chara home goods were released. There are two different styles for these calculators.

Tissue box case[edit]

A Pikmin 3-themed tin tissue box case was released by Ban Dai in 2013. The dimensions are 257x130x58mm, and fits almost any regularly sized tissue box.

BanPresto Pikmin merchandise[edit]

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Party favors[edit]

These Pikmin party favors were sold in 2001 in Japan only, as a party dome.

There are 5 different types of party favors:

  1. Red + pellet
  2. Yellow + pellet
  3. Blue + pellet
  4. Red + Mushroom Pikmin
  5. Blue + Yellow

Pikmin plushes[edit]

Banpresto Released a few Pikmin plushes. The plushes are very hard to come by. The only known plushes so far are a leaf Blue Pikmin, and a bud Blue Pikmin.

Pikmin buttons[edit]

Towards the end of February 2002, Banpresto released a series of 24 3cm Pikmin buttons in Japan. These buttons were available in many of Banpresto's prize game machines located in various shops. The games consisted of balls falling from the top of the machine, and required the user to bat the balls away to avoid it landing in the "game over" hole. The games cost 100 yen each play, and were generally pretty easy to win.

Uni Pikmin pencil leads[edit]

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Uni, a pencil and pen company, released a set of pencil leads which were sold alongside Pikmin keychains. The Pikmin keychains were modeled after the Pikmin 2 clay art.

Miscellaneous items[edit]

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Pikmin 2 school supplies[edit]

These include tin pencil cases, markers, erasers, stickers, pens, pencils, notebooks, files, paper, pencil toppers, and mechanical pencil leads. The origin, and company are unknown.

Pikmin 3 supplies[edit]

Merchandise that features Pikmin[edit]

This section is for official merchandise that is not themed around Pikmin, but does feature them. This merchandise can either be released by Nintendo or by a third party.

Nintendo Monopoly (2010 edition)[edit]

Pikmin are featured on the sides of the box of the 2010 edition of Nintendo Monopoly. B&O Railroad has been replaced with a red Onion and the S.S. Dolphin is one of the metal playing pieces.

E3 2013 Lanyard[edit]

This lanyard was given out for free by Nintendo at various locations such as E3 2013, and the Pikmin 3 GameStop Hands-On event, and featured many Nintendo characters including a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin.

Unlicensed merchandise[edit]

Pikmin lighter[edit]

In 2013 a toy company by the name of Gunma Prefecture Gunma-cho released 10 Pikmin-themed oil lighters. These were used without permission from Nintendo, and in on May 14th, 2013, the company executive was arrested for breaking copyright law. They allegedly sold 600 units to 10 different Tokyo based toy companies.

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