The Impact Site

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The Impact Site
The Impact Site HD.jpg
Ship parts 2 (list)
Hazards Water
Obstacles White Bramble Gates White stone gate Cardboard box Geyser Climbing Stick Bodies of water
Pikmin discovered Red
Requirements None

The Impact Site is where Captain Olimar first lands after his ship crashes on the Planet of the Pikmin in Pikmin, and so the first day is spent there. The area is near the edge of the vast forest on the area select map, not far from the Forest of Hope. The Impact Site is the location of the discovery of the Red Onion with its associated Red Pikmin. This area and the Final Trial make up the Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2. This area is one of the least visited in a regular playthrough, but is also the best one to increase Pikmin population.

General layout[edit]

The watery area of the level.

The level consists of a small pool of water, not accessible on day 1, a number of tree stumps, and a few relatively small grassy clearings. It contains only two ship parts, one of which is collected on the first day in the tutorial-like beginning of the game. After day 1, the amount of Pellet Posies increases, and some enemies appear: the large amounts of pellets from then on make this area arguably the best place for boosting Pikmin population. It is also the only location of the Goolix, one of the game's hidden bosses, which can only be found on odd-numbered days after day 8, on the large tree stump near the water.

The bomb-rocks in this area are found inside the box that the Pikmin have to push.

Impact Site Music

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Challenge Mode enemies[edit]

Ship parts[edit]


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  • A Bulborb can be seen during the end of day cutscene, even though no Bulborbs are present in the actual area.