The Impact Site

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The Impact Site

TIS start 2.png

The Impact Site HD.jpg

Ship parts 2 (list)
Hazards Water icon.png
Obstacles White bramble gate icon.png White reinforced wall P1 icon.png Cardboard box icon.png Geyser icon.png Climbing stick icon.png Bodies of water
Pikmin discovered Red
Requirements None
Music The Impact Site

The Impact Site (遭難地点?, lit.: "Impact Point") is where Captain Olimar first lands after his ship crashes on the Planet of the Pikmin in Pikmin, and so the first day is spent there. The area is near the edge of the vast forest on the area select map, not far from The Forest of Hope. The Impact Site is the location of the discovery of the Red Onion with its associated Red Pikmin. This area and The Final Trial make up the Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2. This area is one of the least visited in a regular playthrough, but is also the best one to increase Pikmin population in.


Olimar first crashes here on Day 1, with the entirety of Day 1 taking place here. Here, Olimar first meets the Red Pikmin, and with their assistance, is able to collect his first ship part, his missing ship engine. From Day 8 and onward, one of two optional bosses will show up: the Mamuta will appear on even numbered days, and the Goolix will appear on odd numbered days. Later in the game, after Blue Pikmin have been obtained, the Positron Generator must been obtained. It is in the mouth of a Pearly Clamclamp surrounded in water.


The level consists of a small pool of water that is not accessible on day 1, a number of tree stumps, and a few relatively small grassy clearings. It contains only two ship parts, one of which is collected on the first day in the tutorial-like beginning of the game. After day 1, the amount of Pellet Posies increases, and some enemies appear: the large amounts of pellets from then on make this area arguably the best place for boosting Pikmin population.

There are two main sections to this area: the grassy plane where Olimar lands, at the south, and the beach section with a large tree trunk at the north. To reach the trunk, the player must first drag the cardboard box out of the way, in day 1. Reaching the beach requires breaking a stone wall, with the help of Yellow Pikmin.

It is also the only location of the Goolix, one of the game's hidden bosses, which can only be found on odd-numbered days after day 8, on the large tree stump near the water. Located on the same tree stump on day 8 and all other subsequent even-numbered days, a Mamuta will reside there.

Key sections[edit]

Crash Site[edit]

This is the landing site for the area. It consists of a few pellet posies, as well as a side area with a few 10-pellets.

Engine Room[edit]

This is the small area that holds the Main Engine. Inside the cardboard box, there are a few bomb rocks. There is also a small ramp that leads up to the stump arena.

Stump Arena[edit]

This area is where the player fights either the goolix or the mamuta, depending on the day. There are a few scattered pellets here, as well as a stone wall to the pond.


This area houses two pearly clamclamps, as well as a red twenty pellet and a blue twenty pellet. One of the clamclamps also houses the Positron Generator, and must be defeated in order to obtain it. There is also a white bramble gate, as well as a one-way ramp back to the crash site.

Note: the Pellet Posies, Pearly Clamclamps, and Iridescent Flint Beetles will be there every day. The highest amount of Pikmin one could raise in The Impact Site in one day is 301 (unless one were to hit the Flint Beetles more than eight times – hitting each nine times would produce 307, hitting each one twelve times would produce 322 – but this is highly unlikely).


Challenge Mode breakdown[edit]

Pikmin source Seeds Amount Total
Starting Reds 3 3
Starting Yellows 3 3
Starting Blues 3 3
Red 1 pellets 2 16 32
Red 5 pellets 5 2 10
Red 10 pellets 10 1 10
Red 20 pellets 20 1 20
Yellow 1 pellets 2 11 22
Yellow 5 pellets 5 4 20
Yellow 10 pellets 10 1 10
Yellow 20 pellets 20 1 20
Blue 1 pellets 2 10 20
Blue 5 pellets 5 4 20
Blue 10 pellets 10 1 10
Blue 20 pellets 20 1 20
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 8 16
Breadbug 13 1 13
Iridescent Flint Beetle 14 1 14
Total 278

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