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A Blue Pikmin being thrown.

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Throwing is one of the main ways of giving instructions to Pikmin, the others being moving the group and dismissing. The player can aim where the thrown Pikmin land at, by use of the cursor, and if a Pikmin lands near a task, it will begin working on it; it will remain idle on the spot, otherwise. If a Pikmin hits an enemy during its flight, it will latch on to it, if it can, and begin attacking. To throw, the current leader must be close to a Pikmin on their party, and the player must press GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png, on the first two games.

Pikmin are thrown upwards at an arc, leaving spark particles through their trajectory. The cursor estimates the landing location of a thrown Pikmin, but if there is a wall or object in the way, the Pikmin might bump into it and fall short. One of the traits Yellow Pikmin possess is the ability to be thrown higher than other types. This allows them to reach ledges otherwise unreachable. The throw arc of Purple Pikmin is slightly different from the rest: they are thrown faster than the others, so that the apex of their jump is located somewhere above the cursor. When the cursor is reached, the Pikmin loses its horizontal momentum and drops down with a great impact. Upon landing, besides homing in on enemies and causing high damage, they can also cause the creatures to bounce up, making them unable to move for less than a second, or stun them altogether for a few seconds.

In all games besides Pikmin 3, Blue Pikmin can also throw drowning Pikmin: if an idle Blue Pikmin finds a drowning Pikmin nearby, it will grab it, carry it near the surface, and throw it to solid terrain. In Pikmin 2's 2-Player Battle mode, leaders can also grab and throw bomb-rocks.


Before throwing, it is possible to hold on to a Pikmin by keeping the button pressed. While held on, the Pikmin will make a sound indicating that it is ready to be thrown; in Pikmin 2, this sound is repeated several times with varying pitches, until thrown. The leader can move around with the Pikmin in their hand, which can be useful if one wishes to bring a single slow Pikmin with them. When a Pikmin is being held on to, all other Pikmin in the group will be organized by type, so that those of the type of the currently held Pikmin are at the front of the line – this allows the leader to throw several of the same type of Pikmin in a row.

While holding, it is also possible to press GCN Dpadleftright.png / Wiimote B.png to swap the currently held Pikmin for one of a different type in the party, if available. GCN Dpadupdown.png / Wiimote Dpad down.png can also be used to swap for a different maturity in the same type. Both of these features are not present in the original Pikmin, for the GameCube.

The leader cannot perform any of the following actions while holding a Pikmin:

While it is not possible to move the group, the player can make it thiner and longer by holding GCN C.png in any direction, in the GameCube games. In New Play Control! Pikmin, holding Wiimote Dpad down.png will make the cursor flash to indicate a group move, but the Pikmin will stay in their place regardless.

Special throws[edit]

Some Pikmin throws perform special actions, instead of making the Pikmin work on a task or latch on to something.

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Group move trick[edit]

The group move trick done with frame-perfect precision.

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Under normal circumstances, when the leader presses the throw button with Pikmin nearby, the closest Pikmin will move from its spot towards the leader's hand, where it can then be thrown. This delay varies between games, but it normally makes it so that a player who wants to throw several Pikmin quickly can only throw three or four per second, while mashing the throw button in Pikmin. In Pikmin 2, this delay is shorter, but relevant all the same.

The closer the Pikmin is to the leader, the shorter this delay is. By using the group move function, one can move the Pikmin so that they are constantly around the leader. While doing this, the throw button can then be pressed repeatedly and quickly in order to throw Pikmin at a much faster pace.

For the GameCube games, it is relatively simple: after setting the cursor on the intended location, the player can move one digit to GCN C.png (such as the left or right thumb) and another to GCN A.png (like the right thumb or right index). The player can then mash GCN A.png and tilt GCN C.png so that the group is always near the leader. Due to the way the group movement works in the New Play Control! games, this is a harder task in those games. Wiimote Dpad down.png moves the Pikmin towards the cursor, which should be pointing at the enemy or ledge. The Pikmin are on the opposite side from the leader, so in order to keep them close, the player must press Wiimote Dpad down.png in short spurts, so that the Pikmin are neither too far ahead or behind.

The method for the New Play Control! games is quite a lot harder than the GameCube way, as it is harder to position the fingers so that both Wiimote A.png and Wiimote Dpad down.png can be pressed – specially without releasing the Nunchuk – it is also hard to maintain a steady cursor while two fingers are pressing on the Wii Remote repeatedly. Finally, it is hard to maintain two different button rhythms at once. As such, an alternate strategy is normally used instead. Because the leader can move independently of the cursor, the latter can be held on the target, and the player can focus on moving the leader through the group. Care should be taken in order to keep the cursor from deviating from its intended place, though.

Longer throw trick[edit]

In Pikmin and Pikmin 2, if the leader is moving while throwing the Pikmin, the leader's speed is added to the Pikmin throw's speed. Hence, if a leader is running forward while throwing a Pikmin in the same direction, it will land much farther than normal. This trick can be used to throw Pikmin to places where they were not meant to reach. An example would be over the cardboard box at the southwest of The Forest of Hope, throwing Pikmin from the western side over the box and on to the eastern side, where they can push it without the need for Blue Pikmin on the nearby lakes.

In the New Play Control! versions, this trick is not necessary, nor does it work: the leader's momentum is not carried over, otherwise the player would not be able to accurately throw Pikmin all around while moving, which is one of the new control scheme's biggest advantage. In these games, the throw distance limit has been raised, compared to the GameCube games, which allows for naturally longer throws that can permit the same exploits as those in the original games.

High ledge glitch[edit]

By using the aforementioned trick to throw at longer distances, one can make non-Yellow Pikmin reach ledges they shouldn't be able to normally. With the added distance of the trick comes added throw strength, which, when used near a wall, can be enough to propel the Pikmin high enough to reach a high ledge.

Escorting a few Pikmin[edit]

If the player must bring a single Pikmin with them, having the leader carry the Pikmin on their hand is a safe and fast way to bring the Pikmin to the destination.

If the player needs a small amount of Pikmin (around five), it can be faster to repeatedly throw them ahead all in a row while moving forward, and whistling them back to the leader. This keeps them always ahead of the leader, instead of staying behind and risking lagging. This is easier if the control scheme allows the cursor to be moved independently from the leader.

In the Super Smash Bros. games[edit]


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In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Olimar's forward-special move is called "Pikmin Throw". When used, the next Pikmin in line is grabbed and instantly thrown forward, where it may land on the ground and rejoin the group some seconds later, or latch onto an opponent, where it will cause damage until it falls off. The type of Pikmin determines the damage caused and the throw arc. Yellow Pikmin are thrown at a higher arc, Purple Pikmin are thrown a very short distance, and White Pikmin are thrown very fast and far. Red Pikmin cause strong fire damage, Yellow Pikmin cause electrical moderate damage, Blue Pikmin cause regular damage and White Pikmin cause high poison damage. Purple Pikmin do not latch on, but instead, knock the opponent away.

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