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To do: Explain why this spray is normally found after the spicy one. Also, confirm that petrification lasts 8 seconds.
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A petrified Spotty Bulbear.

Ultra-Bitter Spray is the purple colored spray that the player can get from ten purple Burgeoning Spiderwort berries, or by finding a concentrated dose. When used, it turns any nearby enemy into stone, rendering them unable to attack. In 2-Player Battle, this spray can also be used to disarm the opponent's Pikmin by planting them in the ground, and reverting all flower and bud Pikmin to leaves. Although the Pikmin will automatically jump back out of the ground after ten seconds, they will not regain their buds or flowers.

There are less Ultra-Bitter berry carrying Burgeoning Spiderworts, which makes the spray rarer to obtain in comparison to ultra-spicy sprays. In addition, this spray is also normally only discovered after the spicy one. Unlike the Ultra-Spicy Spray, this spray type does not return in Pikmin 3.


To do: Confirm that petrified enemies really have less defense. Exact values for that, the drop chances, and the boss defense increases would be nice. Confirm if some bosses can give only four doses of liquid, as that's what the Pikmin Wiki page claims. Finally, add the chances of drops for bosses and the Titan Dweevil.
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This spray can be deployed by pressing GCN Dpadup.png / Wiimote 1.png. Any enemy in front of the captain instantly becomes mobilized and slowly turns into stone. After eight seconds, the enemies break free and resume their normal activities, but before they reach this point, they will begin shaking, as to warn the player that the petrification is ending. When an enemy is defeated while petrified, it will crumble to dust and leave behind one dosage of a liquid, this being either nectar or a spray. Bosses, however, will drop five doses of liquid. The Titan Dweevil will drop ten doses. The perceived chances of a single drop being nectar or a spray are as follows: [1]

Drop Probability
Nectar 85%
Ultra-Bitter Spray drop 7.5%
Ultra-Spicy Spray drop 7.5%

Any regular enemy that becomes petrified will have its defense decreased, however, any petrified boss will have its defense increased. Plants and Candypop Buds cannot be petrified at all, nor can hazards or other objects. Petrifying enemies that are in the process of eating any Pikmin will make it possible to save those Pikmin from dying.

If there are no enemies nearby, the leader will still spray it in the air, wasting one dosage. In the Piklopedia, the player can deploy Ultra-Bitter Spray by pressing GCN Z.png / Wiimote 1.png. This does not affect the Ultra-Bitter Spray quantity in the main story mode.



  • Each enemy type has an individual multiplier setting for how long the petrification should last, but it is never given any use, as all of them have this value set to 1.0.


  1. These values are obtained from a fan-driven experiment, rounded to what are the most likely real values.

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