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A 7 day run is where a player completes Pikmin 2 in 7 days. This challenge run is similar to the 6 day run in Pikmin in the regard that this is the minimum known number of days that can be taken to collect all 201 treasures. It is achieved by collecting each type of Pikmin on the first possible day, with both Blue Pikmin and White Pikmin on day 3, and completing both Perplexing Pool and Wistful Wild in a single day each. The following is a brief outline of such a run.

Because the Blue Pikmin don't respond to the leader's whistle, a 7 day run on the New Play Control! version is a lot harder, but by using glitches it is possible[1]


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The order of some days can be moved around – for example, finishing Valley of Repose can wait until after finding Yellows at Perplexing Pool (though this increases the difficulty of Perplexing Pool, which is arguably the hardest day), or Wistful Wild can be completed before Awakening Wood.

Day 1[edit]

Valley of Repose
  • This is the same as in any other run through the game. Let your Red Pikmin grow to flower status before plucking them, to increase their performance.

Day 2[edit]

Valley of Repose

Day 3[edit]

Awakening Wood

Day 4[edit]

Valley of Repose

Day 5[edit]

Note:All overground treasures must be collected before completing the final caves so that you can clear out the area before the day ends due to having cleared the debt.

Perplexing Pool

Day 6[edit]

Awakening Wood

Day 7[edit]

Wistful Wild

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  1. YouTube video demonstrating some glitches and tricks on how to perform a 7 day run on New Play Control! Pikmin 2

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