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List of Pikmin comic issues (1-100)

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The following is a list of the first 100 Pikmin comic issues to promote Pikmin 4.


Japanese date English date Japanese title English title Japanese link English link Summary
June 22nd, 2023 June 21st, 2023 ひっぱりだこ?, lit.: "In Great Demand"[note 1] Too Stuck to Pluck Link Link A Rescue Officer tries to pluck a Red Pikmin, while an Empress Bulblax hidden underground pulls in the opposite direction.
June 23rd, 2023 June 23rd, 2023 あめあがり?, lit.: "After the Rain" The Skies Clear Link Some Pikmin dream of dancing on a rainbow, and use the tongue of a Whiptongue Bulborb to replicate the effect.
June 24th, 2023 June 24th, 2023 モフモフなかま?, lit.: "Fluffy Companion" Fools for Fuzz Link Link A Rescue Officer is ambushed by a Burrowing Snagret while admiring the fuzziness of Oatchi and a Downy Snagret.
June 25th, 2023 June 26th, 2023 とくぎ①?, lit.: "Special Skills 1" Natural Talents, Pt. 1 Link Some Red Pikmin show off their fire resistance, but set Oatchi alight.
June 26th, 2023 June 27th, 2023 とくぎ②?, lit.: "Special Skills 2" Natural Talents, Pt. 2 Link Link Some Yellow Pikmin and Oatchi show off their fast digging. Another Yellow Pikmin shows a Rescue Officer its unique ear-wiggling specialty.
June 27th, 2023 June 28th, 2023 いぬかき?, lit.: "Dog Paddle" The Ferryman Link Oatchi shakes to dry off after swimming, accidentally drowning some Pikmin in the process.
June 28th, 2023 June 29th, 2023 おはな?, lit.: "Flowers✿" Floracious Appetite Link Link A Bulborb bites the flowers off some Pikmin, and presents them to another Bulborb as a gift.
June 29th, 2023 June 30th, 2023 おしずかに?, lit.: "Quietly"[note 2] Stealth Check Link A Rescue Officer and some Pikmin sneak past a Bulborb, but some Purple Pikmin and Rock Pikmin lagging behind accidentally wake it up.
June 30th, 2023 July 1st, 2023 てだすけ?, lit.: "Help" A Helping Hand Link Link A Rescue Officer decides to help some Pikmin carrying a pellet, but ends up carrying it alone while the Pikmin watch.
July 1st, 2023 July 2nd, 2023 つめたい視線?, lit.: "Icy Stare" Cold As Ice Link Some Ice Pikmin freeze and shatter a Bulborb, scaring a Red Pikmin nearby.
July 2nd, 2023 July 3rd, 2023 距離感?, lit.: "Sense of Distance" Getting Warmer Link Link A Rescue Officer cools off next to an Ice Pikmin, but is afraid of freezing, so they back away, accidentally bumping into a burning Red Pikmin and catching fire.
July 3rd, 2023 July 4th, 2023 たいせつなもの?, lit.: "Important Things" Hiding Spot Link Oatchi buries a Scrummy Bone in the ground, but a Rescue Officer notices that there are also some Pikmin in the hole.
July 4th, 2023 July 5th, 2023 みずたまり?, lit.: "Puddle" Puddle Muddle Link Link A Rescue Officer saves some drowning Red Pikmin. A Bulborb then drinks the water they were drowning in, thinking it tastes like a Pikmin.
July 5th, 2023 July 6th, 2023 名犬オッチン?, lit.: "Good Dog Oatchi" A Loyal Pup Link Shepherd congratulates the Rookie Rescue Officer on being able to command Oatchi, but it turns out a Red Pikmin is also able to command him.
July 6th, 2023 June 25th, 2023[note 3] 機転?, lit.: "Wit" Seeds of Wisdom Link Link A Rescue Officer supervises some Pikmin collecting individual items, such as Dawn Pustules, but is surprised to find them collecting individual seeds from a Crimson Banquet.
July 7th, 2023 July 7th, 2023 中身?, lit.: "Contents" The Sting of Loss Link A Yellow Pikmin sees a Bulborb with bulging cheeks, and thinks that it is chewing on a Pikmin. However, it was actually caused by a sting from a Scornet.
July 8th, 2023 July 8th, 2023 いいもの?, lit.: "Good Thing" Lucky Find Link Link A Red Pikmin finds a four leaf clover and tries to give it to a Bulborb, who just eats him.
July 9th, 2023 July 9th, 2023 オタカラ?, lit.: "Treasure" Special Treasure Link Oatchi defecates and then kicks up some sand. Nearby Pikmin attempt to dig it up, mistaking it for a buried object.
July 10th, 2023 Not in English 再かくにん?, lit.: "Reconfirmation" Not in English Link Not in English Upon Oatchi and Moss meeting each other, both Shepherd and the Olimar-like leafling claim that their space dog is cuter.
July 11th, 2023 July 11th, 2023 ぽかぽかびより?, lit.: "Warm Weather" The Joy of Spring Link At the start of Spring, many new Pikmin sprout, but many Bulborb Larvae are also born and end up eating the Pikmin.
July 12th, 2023 July 17th, 2023 気長に?, lit.: "Patiently" Delayed Gratification Link Link A Red Bulborb eats a crystal containing a Pikmin. Upon realizing that is it too hard to chew, it holds it in its mouth and waits for the crystal to melt.
July 13th, 2023 July 19th, 2023 にらめっこ?, lit.: "Staring Contest"[note 4] Funny Face-Off Link Some Pikmin and Oatchi make funny faces while trying not to laugh. All of them crack when they see a Red Bulborb with its eye-stalks tangled.
July 14th, 2023 July 21st, 2023 みわくのエキス①?, lit.: "The Allure of Nectar 1"[note 5] Delicious Nectar, Pt. 1 Link Link A Red Pikmin and a Winged Pikmin drink some nectar that is in a hole in the ground. The Winged Pikmin simply flies out of the hole, but the Red Pikmin is trapped.
July 15th, 2023 July 24th, 2023 みわくのエキス②?, lit.: "The Allure of Nectar 2" Delicious Nectar, Pt. 2 Link Oatchi attempts to preserve some left over nectar for later by putting it in his mouth. The other Pikmin are disgusted at the sight of the watered-down nectar and leave.
July 16th, 2023 July 28th, 2023 タンポポのわたげ?, lit.: "Dandelion Fluff" Riding the Breeze Link Link Some Pikmin float around by holding onto Seeding Dandelions. A Purple Pikmin is unable to join due to its weight. A Rock Pikmin tries using multiple dandelions, but the seeds scatter.
July 17th, 2023 July 26th, 2023 ホールインワン?, lit.: "Hole in One" Direct Hit Link The dandelion seeds scattered in the previous comic fly into a Bulborb's nostrils, making it sneeze and freeing some Pikmin from its mouth.
July 18th, 2023 August 1st, 2023 ゆめ?, lit.: "Dream" Dreaming Link Link A Red Pikmin dreams about nectar, while a Rock Pikmin dreams about being a giant terrorizing a group of Pikmin.
July 19th, 2023 August 2nd, 2023 やさしさ??, lit.: "Kindness?" An Amphiguous Gesture Link After a Yellow Wollyhop crushes some Pikmin, a Bulborb picks it up and licks it to taste the crushed Pikmin's juices.
July 20th, 2023 August 4th, 2023 フラッシュ?, lit.: "Flash" Flashbulb Link Link The newbie Rescue Officer attempts to take a picture of a posing Red Pikmin, but is swallowed by a Bulborb, causing the camera's flash to make the Bulborb's eyes and nostrils glow.
July 21st, 2023 August 7th, 2023 夜行性?, lit.: "Nocturnality" Nocturne the Tables Link When a Bulborb chases the Rescue Officer at sundown, some Yellow Pikmin carrying a light bulb trick it into sleeping, allowing the Rescue Officer to escape.
July 22nd, 2023 August 9th, 2023 どんぶらこ?, lit.: "Buoyantly" River Bed Link Link The Rescue Officer discovers a trio of Blue Pikmin napping downstream, going with the flow of the river.
July 23rd, 2023 August 11th, 2023 たのみかた?, lit.: "How to Ask" Formal Request Link The Rescue Officer has to get on their knees and beg Oatchi to sniff out castaways.
July 24th, 2023 August 14th, 2023 凍らせのとくぎ?, lit.: "Special Ability of Freezing" Freezing Touch, Pt. 1 Link Link Some Ice Pikmin freeze a river, allowing the rest of the group to skate on the frozen surface.
July 25th, 2023 August 16th, 2023 続・凍らせのとくぎ?, lit.: "Special Ability of Freezing: The Sequel" Freezing Touch, Pt. 2 Link A Honeywisp drops some nectar onto a patch of water frozen by some Ice Pikmin. Since the Ice Pikmin can’t get it, they prevent any other Pikmin that try to drink it by whacking them with their stems.
July 26th, 2023 August 18th, 2023 大志?, lit.: "Ambition" Outsized Ambition Link Link The Rescue Officer has a nightmare about the Pikmin trying to carry off the S.S. Shepherd, but in reality only one Red Pikmin is attempting to.
July 27th, 2023 August 21st, 2023 シザイ?, lit.: "Raw Material" Raw Material Link The Pikmin use Raw material to build a giant Pikmin statue.
July 28th, 2023 Not in English 白羽の矢?, lit.: "Drawing Lots" Not in English Link Not in English [note 6] A group of Red Pikmin argue over who gets to carry the Difficult-Choice Totem, and are run over by the Waterwraith. The last Pikmin ends up taking the treasure.
July 29th, 2023 August 23rd, 2023 着地?, lit.: "Landing" Safe Landing Link The Rescue Officer tries to catch some Pikmin that are falling, only to be crushed by some Purple Pikmin.
July 30th, 2023 August 25th, 2023 やってみたい?, lit.: "Want to Try" The Joy of Command Link Link Collin pretends to commanding Pikmin on some Pikpik carrots. Oatchi watches on confused.
July 31st, 2023 August 28th, 2023 ダンドリ?, lit.: "Dandori" Dandori Link The Rescue Officer notices that the Leafling's love of Dandori is similar to Russ's constant mumbling about "efficiency".
August 1st, 2023 August 28th, 2023 動物愛好家 ダルメッシュ?, lit.: "Animal Enthusiast Dalmo" Dalmo the Animal Enthusiast Link Link The Rescue Officer worries about someone trapped inside a Pearly Clamclamp, but leaves them be when it turns out to be Dalmo enjoying the experience.
August 2nd, 2023 September 1st, 2023 個室ブース?, lit.: "Private Room Booth" A Private Booth Link Russ is annoyed by Pikmin interrupting his work, so he moves into a Pearly Clamclamp.
August 3rd, 2023 September 4th, 2023 白ピクミン?, lit.: "White Pikmin" White Pikmin Link Link The Rescue Officer fails to get a Bulborb to eat White Pikmin, but turns to find Dalmo on his side eating one's stem.
August 4th, 2023 September 6th, 2023 持つところ?, lit.: "Place to Hold" Getting a Grip Link The Rescue Officer commands Oatchi to assist some Pikmin in lifting a Porquillion, but he instead pulls on the Pikmin themselves since there is no room to fit in-between them.
August 5th, 2023 September 8th, 2023 かわいい名場面?, lit.: "Cute Scene" Photo Bomb Link Link Shepherd asks the Rescue Officer if they took any photos of Oatchi with the Survey Drone, but they throw their tablet into a Bulborb's mouth after realizing all their photos were embarrassing.
August 6th, 2023 September 11th, 2023 すぐ近くで?, lit.: "Close by" The Wrong Suspect Link A group of Pikmin attack something the Rescue Officer believes to be a Skitter Leaf. When the dust settles, however, it turns out to be a leaf plucked from a Red Pikmin's head.
August 7th, 2023 September 13th, 2023 隊長のオタカラ?, lit.: "Captain's Treasure" The Captain's Treasure Link Link Shepherd informs the Rescue Officer of the sparkles that emanate from treasures. Oatchi then begins to emit those same sparkles as Shepherd smiles at him.
August 8th, 2023 September 15th, 2023 なにかんがえてるの?, lit.: "What Do You Think?" What's He Thinking? Link Oatchi thinks about a castaway, and sniffs them out. He then thinks about water, and lifts his leg up to pee, tossing the Rescue Officer off his back.
August 9th, 2023 September 18th, 2023 信頼?, lit.: "Trust" Trust Link Link Oatchi licks a Red Pikmin, then Shepherd, and finally the Rescue Officer. Collin wants to be licked next, but Oatchi gives him a menacing and angry look.
August 10th, 2023 September 20th, 2023 達成感?, lit.: "Sense of Accomplishment" Accomplished Link The Rescue Officer, Oatchi, and several Pikmin return to Shepherd, remarking that they should take it easy after the voyage. They then return to her again.
August 11th, 2023 October 2nd, 2023 のりごこち?, lit.: "Comfort of Riding" Ride Quality Link Link While riding on Oatchi's back, the Rescue Officer brings up the many qualities of riding on him. The Officer is then flung off Oatchi as the Rescue Pup has to pee again.
August 12th, 2023 October 4th, 2023 知られざる味?, lit.: "Unknown Taste" An Acquired Taste Link Oatchi and the Rescue Officer find a collapsed Red Pikmin next to a Pikmin 4 Nintendo Switch Game Card. They taste the Game Card and find it bitter.
August 13th, 2023 October 6th, 2023 葉っぱ人?, lit.: "Leafling" The Leafling Link Link Oatchi drags a Leafling castaway to the S.S. Shepherd; there, a group of Red Pikmin carry the Leafling and plant them into the ground.
August 14th, 2023 October 9th, 2023 お花好きのキニーズ?, lit.: "Flower-Loving Kingsly" Kingsly the Flower Lover Link Kingsly shows the Rescue Officer how feeding nectar to Pikmin makes their flowers bloom. He ends up putting three Pikmin into a flower vase.
August 15th, 2023 October 11th, 2023 ロックオン?, lit.: "Lock-on" Side-Eye Link Link Collin and the Rescue Officer remark on the nasty stare that Oatchi gives to any enemy within his sights, including Collin himself.
August 16th, 2023 October 13th, 2023 モーニングルーティン?, lit.: "Morning Routine" Morning Routine Link The Rescue Officer decides to wake up early. They find out that the Pikmin inside the Master Onion are still asleep, and that Oatchi and Shepherd are on a morning walk.
August 17th, 2023 October 16th, 2023 あると便利?, lit.: "Convenient to Have" Love Seat Link Link A Mamuta "plants" Oatchi, to use him as a comfortable seat while looking at planted Pikmin.
August 18th, 2023 October 18th, 2023 テイスティング?, lit.: "Tasting" Just a Taste Link A Bulborb tries to swallow a Leafling castaway, but spits them out after tasting them and realizing that it was not a Pikmin.
August 19th, 2023 October 20th, 2023 たすけあい?, lit.: "Cooperation" One Good Turn Link Link A Yellow Pikmin trips and squishes the Cupid's Grenade it was carrying. A Red Pikmin offers up its Cupid's Grenade, but ends up sitting on it while the annoyed Yellow Pikmin carries it.
August 20th, 2023 October 23rd, 2023 特別ゲスト?, lit.: "Special Guest" Surprise Guest Link A Purple Pikmin jumps into a puddle of mud, splashing a nearby Red Pikmin. The Red Pikmin's revenge splash is thwarted by a Swooping Snitchbug catching them mid-air.
August 21st, 2023 October 25th, 2023 開花?, lit.: "Blooming" In Bloom? Link Link The Rescue Officer spots a Red Pikmin drinking nectar and some planted Pikmin, but has to flee when the latter turns out to be a Mamuta's garden.
August 22nd, 2023 October 27th, 2023 こだわり?, lit.: "Obsession" A Certain Way Link A Mamuta has its Pikmin garden "improved" by a Swooping Snitchbug's unwanted addition. The Rescue Officer plucks the Pikmin while the two creatures fight.
August 23rd, 2023 October 30th, 2023 評価軸?, lit.: "Evaluation Axis" A New Standard Link Link Inspired by the Pikmin on Oatchi's back, a Mamuta arranges its Pikmin gardens to look like bouquets. Kingsly praises the Mamuta while a Bulborb eats one of the gardens.
August 24th, 2023 November 1st, 2023 高難度ワザ?, lit.: "Difficult Technique" Pro Moves Link The Rescue Officer's Pikmin ride upon the Personal-Injury Plank. Oatchi ends up "riding" on it by sliding upside down, with the treasure and Pikmin laying on top of him.
August 25th, 2023 November 3rd, 2023 前衛芸術?, lit.: "Avant-Garde Art" Avant-Garde Link Link The Rescue Officer find the Skin of the Phoenix, and believes that Schnauz would love it. However, the treasure gets crumpled after the Pikmin bring it through a narrow walled passageway.
August 26th, 2023 November 6th, 2023 みわくのエキス③?, lit.: "The Allure of Nectar 3" Delicious Nectar, Pt. 3 Link The Rescue Officer sets up a race to determine if nectar can really make Pikmin walk faster. However, the test subject ends up falling asleep after drinking the nectar.
August 27th, 2023 November 8th, 2023 発見?, lit.: "Discovery" Discovery Link Link The Rescue Officer uses the Idler's Alert to call back some idle Pikmin. Dingo starts floating towards the device and has to be held back by a worried Collin.
August 28th, 2023 November 10th, 2023 不服?, lit.: "Disagreement" Objection Link Dingo teams up with Oatchi after the Rescue Officer splits him and the Pikmin into groups. However, the Rescue Pup ends up riding on the back of Dingo.
August 29th, 2023 November 13th, 2023 深夜の代償?, lit.: "Cost of Midnight" The Price of a Late Night Link Link The Rescue Officer logs the events of their first night expedition, meeting Glow Pikmin at the cost of "losing" Oatchi. However, he's only tired after the night expedition and has to take a day off from exploring.
August 30th, 2023 November 15th, 2023 洞窟だいすきダックス?, lit.: "Cave-Loving Dash" Dash Loves Caves Link Dash isn't allowed to explore any caves, and manages to make do by hiding in an upturned plant pot. A curious group of Pikmin as well as a Bulborb peek inside the pot to stare at Dash.
August 31st, 2023 November 20th, 2023 手なぐさみ?, lit.: "Kill-time Act" The Cost of Fidgeting Link Link A resting Red Pikmin plays with some yellow tufts of fur. Meanwhile, the Rescue Officer points out a bald patch on Oatchi to a group of Red Pikmin, wanting to know who did it.
September 1st, 2023 November 22nd, 2023 植物研究家フレーヌ?, lit.: "Botanical Researcher François" François, Plant Scientist Link François tells the Rescue Officer how intelligent Pikmin are. He asks if he can be carried by a group of Pikmin, and he gets his wish. Hours pass, and a Giant Breadbug has stolen François from the Pikmin carrying him.
September 2nd, 2023 November 24th, 2023 フレーヌさんの研究?, lit.: "Mr. François' Research" François's Research Link Link François tries to communicate to an annoyed Red Pikmin by bowing. He thinks the Pikmin bowed back after it scratches itself with its own leaf, though the Rescue Officer isn't so sure.
September 3rd, 2023 November 27th, 2023 ジャストフィット?, lit.: "Perfect Fit" Perfect Fit Link The Rescue Officer watches as a Waddlequaff sucks up a rock, some Pikmin, and finally Oatchi, who is too big to be inhaled and clogs the bird's beak.
September 4th, 2023 November 29th, 2023 本とピクミン①?, lit.: "Books and Pikmin 1" Books and Pikmin, Pt. 1 Link Link The Rescue Officer finds a wilted and flattened Red Pikmin inside a book. They bring the Pikmin to Kingsly, who helps out by turning the Pikmin into a bookmark.
September 5th, 2023 December 1st, 2023 本とピクミン②?, lit.: "Books and Pikmin 2" Books and Pikmin, Pt. 2 Link Russ explains to the Rescue Officer that he uses Pikmin as emergency bookmarks. He rewards the wilted Pikmin with some nectar. This draws the attention of many Pikmin, who crawl into some books to try and get free nectar.
September 6th, 2023 December 4th, 2023 表情?, lit.: "Facial Expression" Facial Expression Link Link Shepherd looks at Oatchi's ID card photo and then Oatchi himself, appreciating the pose and face that he makes. The Rescue Officer chimes in and says that it's his "I need to poop" face.
September 7th, 2023 December 6th, 2023 身代わり?, lit.: "Stand-in" Bait and Switch Link Oatchi and the Rescue Officer try to practice feeding a bomb rock to a Bulborb, but blow themselves up instead. The Officer then tries to feed Oatchi a Scrummy Bone, but ends up being eaten by him.
September 8th, 2023 December 8th, 2023[note 7] ドクターストップ?, lit.: "Doctor's Order to Stop" We Need a Doctor! Link Link Oatchi gets knocked out during a expedition, but recovers at base after some rest. The next day's expedition ends up being cancelled as Shepherd has fallen ill from worrying about Oatchi.
September 9th, 2023 December 11th, 2023 名医パピヨン?, lit.: "Good Physician Yonny" The Great Doctor, Yonny Link Yonny presents Shepherd with samples of a potential leafling cure. He declares the experiment a success after Dingo drinks one of the samples and all of his hair falls out.
September 10th, 2023 December 13th, 2023 ほんやく?, lit.: "Translation" Translation Link Link A Red Pikmin tries to warn the Rescue Officer about an approaching Bulborb. The newbie gets Oatchi to translate what the Pikmin's saying, but Shepherd interprets the pup's barking as him wanting treats.
September 11th, 2023 December 15th, 2023 おやつキャッチのコツ?, lit.: "Scrummy Bone" Treat Trick Link The Rescue Officer throws Oatchi a Scrummy Bone, but it ends up bonking his head. The newbie asks Shepherd for advice on how to have him catch it, but the Captain's demonstration treat is instantly stolen by Oatchi.
September 12th, 2023 December 18th, 2023[note 7] ちからいっぱい?, lit.: "Full of Power" Strength in Numbers? Link Link The Rescue Officer tells Oatchi to wait at an iron fence, though he tries to go through it anyways and gets stuck. The newbie tells their Pikmin to pull the Rescue Pup out, but they do so from both sides instead of only one.
September 13th, 2023 December 20th, 2023 ゲキカラスプレー?, lit.: "Ultra-spicy Spray" Ultra-Spicy Spray Link The Rescue Officer uses ultra-spicy spray on Oatchi, causing him to bounce around at a fast speed. The newbie then asks him to grab the Cookie of Prosperity, but he keeps bouncing instead.
September 14th, 2023 December 22nd, 2023 充電タイム?, lit.: "Charging Time" Time to Recharge Link Link Shepherd approaches Oatchi, looking around to see if nobody's there, and then nuzzles her face into the pup's fur. A Red Pikmin behind a rock points this out to the Rescue Officer, who shushes them.
September 15th, 2023 December 25th, 2023[note 8] フーセンドックリ?, lit.: "Puffy Blowhog" Puffy Blowhog Link The Rescue Officer's team defeats a Puffy Blowhog. A Yellow Pikmin takes its deflated corpse and tries to re-inflate it with an air vent, and has to be stopped by the newbie.
September 16th, 2023 December 27th, 2023[note 8] 成長期?, lit.: "Growing Season" Growth Spurt Link Link The Rescue Officer and Collin note how climbing sticks grow after being hit. The newbie sees a Red and Purple Pikmin make up after fighting, and determines that the two's hearts had also grown.
September 17th, 2023 December 29th, 2023[note 8] こんらん?, lit.: "Panic" Panic and Confusion Link Some Mitites appear and send the Rescue Officer and their Pikmin into a panic. They regroup at what they believe to be Oatchi, but is actually an Bearded Amprat whose attack sends the group flying.
September 18th, 2023 January 1st, 2024[note 8] 狙いを突いて?, lit.: "Poke the Target" Take Aim Link Link Some Joustmites are practicing how to attack with the proboscises. One of them holds up a leaf and pretends to be a Red Pikmin, which ends up baiting a Yellow Pikmin looking for its friend.
September 19th, 2023 January 3rd, 2024[note 9] 犬まっしぐら?, lit.: "Dogs Rushing" At Full Tilt Link Moss steals the Rescue Officer's Pikmin and runs away, and the newbie tries to get their Pikmin back by offering her a Scrummy Bone. However, Oatchi steals the bone and runs off with it.
September 20th, 2023 January 4th, 2024[note 10] 続・犬まっしぐら?, lit.: "Dogs Rushing: The Sequel" At Full Tilt, Pt. 2 Link Link The Rescue Officer tries to tempt Moss with a Scrummy Bone, but Moss only likes the high-quality bones that her owner, the Olimar-like leafling, gives her. A hungry Oatchi teams up with the duo upon hearing this.
September 21st, 2023 January 5th, 2024[note 11] びっくり菊?, lit.: "Creeping Chrysanthemum" Creeping Chrysanthemum Link A Red Pikmin is followed by a Creeping Chrysanthemum, who hides whenever the Pikmin turns around. A second Creeping Chrysanthemum attacks when the Pikmin faces away for the second time.
September 22nd, 2023 January 8th, 2024 オッチンだいすき?, lit.: "Loving Oatchi" Everyone Loves Oatchi Link Link The Rescue Officer is shocked to find Oatchi covered in leaves. After noticing that their Pikmin are missing, the newbie blows their whistle and the "missing" leaf Pikmin climb off Oatchi.
September 23rd, 2023 January 10th, 2024[note 12] 暗くなった?, lit.: "Became Dark" NOW It's Dark? Link Oatchi has planted some Glow Seeds, but the Rescue Officer states they aren't growing because it isn't dark outside. The pup borrows Bernard's sunglasses to try and make it dark.
September 24th, 2023 January 12th, 2024[note 12] ひとりじめ?, lit.: "Monopolizing" All to Myself Link Link A Red Pikmin drinks some nectar inside a tree hollow, then hides it with a nearby rock. However, the rock is actually a Rock Pikmin, who slurps up the leftover nectar.
September 25th, 2023 January 15th, 2024[note 12] より大きく?, lit.: "Larger than" Even Bigger Link The Rescue Officer's team escape from an Armored Cannon Larva's boulder. The newbie tries to destroy its boulders with their Rock Pikmin, but they get stuck and end up increasing its size.
September 26th, 2023 January 17th, 2024[note 12] 花うらない?, lit.: "Flower Fortune Telling" Fortune-Telling Link Link A Bulborb plucks petals off a Red Pikmin, wanting to know if someone likes them or not. The answer turns out to be a dislike after the Bulborb ends up eating the Pikmin.
September 27th, 2023 January 19th, 2024 赤い汁?, lit.: "Red Sap" Red Juices Link The Rescue Officer tries to find their missing Red Pikmin, and is greeted by a Giant Breadbug with red smears on its mouth. It turns out the Red Pikmin are fine, and the Breadbug had just eaten from a knocked-over Condensed Sunshine.
September 28th, 2023 January 22nd, 2024 期待はずれ?, lit.: "Disappointing" A Letdown Link Link The Rescue Officer and Collin talk about the Giant Breadbug's fluffy, tasty appearance as well as its nice scent. The newbie has Oatchi smell the Breadbug, but the Rescue Pup doesn't like its odor.
September 29th, 2023 January 24th, 2024[note 7] 休息のひととき?, lit.: "A Moment of Rest" A Moment of Rest? Link At a beach, the Rescue Officer and Oatchi watch the sun go down, unaware that the waves on the shore are repeatedly drowning their Red Pikmin.


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  2. ^ Possibly a pun on おし?, lit.: "weight" and しずかに?, lit.: "quietly".
  3. ^ For an unknown reason, this comic was published far earlier in English, and only later was released in Japanese.
  4. ^ にらめっこ? specifically refers to a game played by children where two or more competitors will stare at each other and aim to make the opponent laugh first.
  5. ^ A pun on nectar's Japanese name, 大地のエキス?, lit.: "Earth extract". みわく? may also be a pun: it means something along the lines of 'bewitching' or 'lure' and here can refer to how Pikmin are attracted to nectar as well as the hole being a trap.
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