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List of Pikmin comic issues (101-200)

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The following is a list of the second 100 Pikmin comic issues to promote Pikmin 4.


Japanese date English date Japanese title English title Japanese link English link Summary
September 30th, 2023 January 26th, 2024 ダンドリ・上級編?, lit.: "Dandori: Advanced" Dandori: Expert Mode Link Link Yonny shows off his Dandori to Collin and the Rescue Officer, which involves hiding a pit underneath a pillow where Dingo likes to nap. The scientist then drags the ranger away for an experiment.
October 1st, 2023 January 29th, 2024 エンゴ射撃?, lit.: "Pebble Pitcher" Pebble Pitcher Link Collin and the Rescue Officer encounter a Bulborb being pummeled by pebbles from a mysterious "two-player". Nearby, Dingo rests on a Purple Pikmin, and is startled when the pebbles start targeting him.
October 2nd, 2023 January 31st, 2024 まきもどし?, lit.: "Rewinding" Rewinding Link Link After losing their Pikmin to a Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat, the Rescue Officer rewinds time by four minutes. They decide to watch the Jellyfloat inhale their Pikmin again.
October 3rd, 2023 February 2nd, 2024 ピクミン集め対決?, lit.: "Pikmin Collecting Showdown" Pikmin-Summoning Battle Link Moss and Oatchi try to gather a group of Pikmin by whistling at them. Both of them end up losing the group to a third party: the Rescue Officer, who is covered in nectar.
October 4th, 2023 February 5th, 2024 チームの輪?, lit.: "Team Circle" Teamwork Link Link The Rescue Corps tell the newbie how useful Dingo is. He inadvertently helps Yonny and Russ test their medicines and prototypes, respectively, while Bernard has more free time.
October 5th, 2023 February 7th, 2024 心象風景??, lit.: "Imagined Scenery?" In the Mind's Eye? Link A conversation between Dingo and Shepherd is improved by a Waddlepus blowing some bubbles and two Greater Spotted Jellyfloats exploding.
October 6th, 2023 February 9th, 2024[note 1] したたる?, lit.: "Dripping" Drippings Link Link The Rescue Officer's Pikmin fight a Whiptongue Bulborb, who licks some of them and manages to drool before dying. A Bulborb walks up and sips the Pikmin-flavored drool puddle, which disgusts the newbie.
October 7th, 2023 February 12th, 2024 ヒカリのミツ?, lit.: "Glow Sap" Glow Sap Link The Rescue Officer and Oatchi are collecting Glow Sap for Yonny, but don't have a container to collect it in. Oatchi ends up having to store the sap in his mouth.
October 8th, 2023 February 14th, 2024[note 2] 見ごたえ?, lit.: "Worth Seeing" Impressive Link Link An Emperor Bulblax is defeated by the Rescue Officer's Pikmin. The Pikmin, now satisfied, leave while the Rescue Officer asks if they're going to carry the Bulblax.
October 9th, 2023 February 19th, 2024 オッチンのお手①?, lit.: "Oatchi's Paw 1" Oatchi's Shake, Pt. 1 Link Collin and the Rescue Officer watch as Shepherd has Oatchi perform some tricks. The two start to talk amongst themselves when Oatchi demonstrates a less-than-impressive paw shake.
October 10th, 2023 February 21st, 2024 オッチンのお手②?, lit.: "Oatchi's Paw 2" Oatchi's Shake, Pt. 2 Link Link The Rescue Officer manages to shake hands with Oatchi, and a Red Pikmin wants to shake his paw. As the newbie leaves to tell Shepherd what happened, Oatchi loses balance and crushes the Pikmin with his paw.
October 11th, 2023 February 23rd, 2024 今日の気分?, lit.: "Today's Mood" Picky Eater Link The Rescue Officer tries to bait a Fiery Bulblax into setting dried plants alight. After offering every species of Pikmin (minus Glow Pikmin) as bait, the Bulblax eats a White Pikmin with the usual lethal consequences.
October 12th, 2023 February 26th, 2024 入場シーン?, lit.: "Entering Scene" Making an Entrance Link Link Oatchi and the Rescue Officer have a rough landing while entering a cave. Shepherd and Collin assess Oatchi and determine his rough landing don't hurt him and aren't a problem, with the Captain also thinking it's cute.
October 13th, 2023 February 28th, 2024 たて穴のひみつ?, lit.: "The Secret of Dirt-mounds" Gimme the Dirt Link The Rescue Officer finds a dirt-mound and uses their Pikmin to excavate it. They wonder how items get buried in them, until the Pikmin dig up an annoyed Russ.
October 14th, 2023 March 1st, 2024 トリートメント効果?, lit.: "Treatment Effect" Hair Care Link Link Collin and the Rescue Office notice that Oatchi has a new, very fluffy look. It turns out that Shepherd washed him with some high-quality shampoo, and the newbie and a Red Pikmin try and fail to ride on top of him.
October 15th, 2023 March 4th, 2024 トかくにん不足?, lit.: "Lack of Verification" Fool's Errand Link A Red Pikmin sees some nectar on the other side of a river and is lifted across by a Winged Pikmin, though its head ends up submerged in the water. To make matters worse, the nectar turns out to be the Foolix.
October 16th, 2023 March 6th, 2024 きょり感?, lit.: "Sense of Distance" Too Close Link Link Shepherd gets scared by a Glow Pikmin and decides to give instructions to the Rescue Corps while hiding behind a rock, unaware that the rock is made up entirely of Rock Pikmin.
October 17th, 2023 March 8th, 2024[note 3] おひるねタイム?, lit.: "Naptime" Nap Time Link Shepherd watches Oatchi and Moss sleeping together, and hushes a nearby Purple Pikmin that was walking loudly. When she realizes who she was talking to, she screams and wakes both dogs up.
October 18th, 2023 March 11th, 2024[note 3] バランス?, lit.: "Balance" Flower Power Link Link Kingsly offers to take care of the Rescue Officer's Pikmin, and notices that one of them wants multiple flowers. He's able to grow multiple flowers on its stem, though the Pikmin ends up shriveled because of it.
October 19th, 2023 March 13th, 2024[note 2] あったかいところ?, lit.: "Warm Place" Heated Seat Link The Rescue Officer's team are in a cold room - they call their Pikmin over, but otices that Oatchi's ears are oddly sticking to his head. The newbie lifts the pup's ears to find two more Pikmin huddling for warmth.
October 20th, 2023 March 15th, 2024 ならんで!ピクミン?, lit.: "Side-by-side! Pikmin" Fine Lines Link Link Dalmo comments on Pikmin lined up horizontally and vertically. A nearby Bulborb imagines a Joustmite eating Pikmin "horizontally" and a Peckish Aristocrab doing so "vertically", and then eats the Pikmin in multiple directions.
October 21st, 2023 March 18th, 2024 えいえんのお祭り?, lit.: "Eternal Festival" Nonstop Party Link The Rescue Corps host a party for all of the castaways they've rescued. A nearby Groovy Long Legs passes by and stirs the partygoers into a frenzy. Louie watches on as the party goes on for a long time.
October 22nd, 2023 March 20th, 2024 モスの訓練?, lit.: "Moss's Training" Swim Lessons Link Link Shepherd and Oatchi try to teach Moss how to swim, unaware that the dog already knows how to. A confused Captain Olimar tries to figure out what's going on, only for Collin to reassure him that it's her hobby.
October 23rd, 2023 March 22nd, 2024[note 1] 大工のコギロー?, lit.: "Carpenter Corgwin" Carpenter Corgwin Link Corgwin builds Oatchi a doghouse, but finds out that the Rescue Pup goes back to the S.S. Shepherd at night. Moss finds the doghouse and ends up sleeping in it.
October 24th, 2023 March 25th, 2024 トレーニング?, lit.: "Training" Strong Student Link Link The Rescue Officer notices that Oatchi can't climb climbing walls, and Shepherd tells them that the Rescue Pup can do it with enough training. The newbie ends up getting buff and carries Oatchi while climbing the wall.
October 25th, 2023 March 27th, 2024 スタイリスト・プデル?, lit.: "Stylist: Puddle" Puddle the Stylist Link Puddle sees a Red Pikmin and tries to give it a haircut, though the Rescue Officer stops him. Kingsly shows up and gives Puddle a pair of garden shears, much to the newbie's frustration.
October 26th, 2023 March 29th, 2024 あっしゅく?, lit.: "Compression" Time for a Trim Link Link Shepherd meets up with Puddle, who tells the stylist that her crew's hair has grown long due to their mission. Puddle prepares to cut the Captain's seemingly normal hair, and finds out that her helmet compressed an incredibly long hair bun.
October 27th, 2023 April 1st, 2024 葉っぱスタイル?, lit.: "Leafling Style" Leafy Looks Link Puddle introduces a brand-new Leafling look, and the Rescue Corps end up getting it. The makeover ends up being so effective that the crew start acting like Leaflings and dance while repeating the word "Dandori".
October 28th, 2023 April 3rd, 2024 あこがれ?, lit.: "Yearning" Dream Come True? Link Link A Red Pikmin watches some Winged Pikmin fly, and wishes that it had wings. A Bulborb sneaks up and eats the Pikmin, with its soul flying upwards and fulfilling the wish.
October 29th, 2023 April 5th, 2024 作戦会議?, lit.: "Strategy Meeting" Be Strategic Link The Rescue Corps discuss how to defeat an Empress Bulblax, with Collin and Russ suggesting the mouth as a weak point. This results in the loss of multiple Pikmin when the Bulblax yawns right as Oatchi performs a rush.
October 30th, 2023 April 8th, 2024 タマゴかんてい士?, lit.: "Egg Appraiser" Appraising Eggs Link Link A Purple Pikmin shows off its ability to tell if an egg has nectar just by knocking on it. The Pikmin then starts knocking on a much larger egg, which ends up unleashing the Smoky Progg inside of it.
October 31st, 2023 April 10th, 2024 ヒカリのみちびき?, lit.: "Light's Guidance" Disguised Guides Link At dusk, a Red Pikmin is chased back to base by a strange green Bulborb. After regrouping with the Rescue Officer, the Pikmin turns around to see a group of Glow Pikmin floating away.
November 1st, 2023 April 12th, 2024[note 1] 犬はいいよな?, lit.: "Dogs are Nice, Aren't They" Dog People Link Link The two Captains, Olimar and Shepherd, are talking about how good dogs are. Meanwhile, Russ is telling Collin about how cute Muggs is. Shepherd overhears this and thinks he's talking about his dog, and asks to see her.
November 2nd, 2023 April 15th, 2024 かたさチェック?, lit.: "Firmness Inspection" Strong Snout Link Oatchi smashes through some jars and is unfazed by the action. The Rescue Officer tries to figure out how Oatchi's head is so tough by poking it, and finds out that his snout isn't squishy.
November 3rd, 2023 April 17th, 2024 ピクミン大運動会?, lit.: "Pikmin Field Day" Pikmin Field Day Link Link Oatchi and a Giant Breadbug are fighting over a Dwarf Bulbear while the Rescue Officer spectates and commentates. The newbie isn't sure which side will win, and doesn't know why the Bulbear participated.
November 4th, 2023 April 19th, 2024 重み?, lit.: "Weight" Heavy Load Link A group of Purple Pikmin are riding on Oatchi's back when the Rescue Officer tells them to proceed on foot. The Pikmins' landing knocks over the newbie and causes Oatchi to start jiggling upwards.
November 5th, 2023 April 22nd, 2024 じまんのパワー?, lit.: "Boastful Power" Strong and Proud Link Link The Rescue Officer notes the Purple Pikmin's strength and how motivated they are. However, when the Rescue Officer tasks them to get some 1 pellets, the Purple Pikmin lose all their motivation.
November 6th, 2023 April 24th, 2024[note 2] ルールは守る?, lit.: "Following the Rule" Rules to Follow Link Russ finds a group of Pikmin playing with his stuff, and uses the Charging Horn to scare them away. He draws a line and tells the Pikmin to not cross it, but is sent flying by a Purple Pikmin slamming the ground.
November 7th, 2023 April 26th, 2024 Hey! タクシー①?, lit.: "Hey! Taxi 1" Hey! Taxi Pt. 1 Link Link A Purple Pikmin can't catch up to a group of running Pikmin and runs out of breath. It calls for a ride, and is carried off by a Swooping Snitchbug as the Rescue Officer looks on.
November 8th, 2023 April 29th, 2024 Hey! タクシー②?, lit.: "Hey! Taxi 2" Hey! Taxi Pt. 2 Link Continuing from the previous comic, the Purple Pikmin experiments with using creatures as transport, including the top mouth of a Grubchucker. It eventually decides that riding on Oatchi's back is the best option.
November 9th, 2023 May 1st, 2024 あそこだ?, lit.: "There it is" A-ha! Link Link The Rescue Officer attacks a reinforced wall with bomb rocks, but is one bomb short of fully destroying it. Russ observes from a nearby dirt-mound as the newbie tries to find one, and hides when they turn their head.
November 10th, 2023 May 3rd, 2024[note 1] 本気のディンゴ?, lit.: "Serious Dingo" Dingo's Revenge Link It's Dingo's birthday, and he's elated to receive a birthday cake from Shepherd (which Yonny actually made). Suddenly, a Withering Blowhog blows out the candles, and a furious Dingo attacks the creature with bomb rocks.
November 11th, 2023 May 6th, 2024 マルノミ?, lit.: "Swallow" Swallow Link Link In order to teach Oatchi the Swallow technique, Olimar has Moss swallow him. However, the dog ends up fully swallowing Olimar, and the Rescue Officer has a hard time hearing him.
November 12th, 2023 May 8th, 2024 ぎっしり!紙袋?, lit.: "Crammed! Paper Bag" Tightly Packed Link The Rescue Officer notes how useful paper bags are, and wonders what's in them. Dalmo suggests that they're full of Female Sheargrubs, and some rustling from a nearby paper bag horrifies the newbie.
November 13th, 2023 May 10th, 2024 初心者?, lit.: "Beginners" Flying 101 Link Link The Rescue Officer uses a Candypop Bud to turn some Red Pikmin into Winged Pikmin. However, the brand-new Winged Pikmin don't know how to fly, so the newbie has to train them.
November 14th, 2023 May 13th, 2024[note 4] ボールあそび?, lit.: "Ball Playing" Play Ball Link Two Mammoth Snootwhackers play volleyball with an Arachnode's web as the net and a Rock Pikmin as the ball. The Snootwhackers switch to using a lit bomb rock after the Pikmin is caught in the web.
November 15th, 2023 May 15th, 2024 もちもち!メダマモチ?, lit.: "Springy! Sunsquish" Sunsquish Squish Link Link Two Sunsquishes end up getting stuck together after encountering the Rescue Officer, who decides to leave the two alone. Louie finds and cooks the duo, sharing one of his recipes along the way.
November 16th, 2023 May 17th, 2024[note 1] オッチンのなつやすみ?, lit.: "Oatchi's Summer Holiday" Perfect Day Link Oatchi has a fun time swimming with some Blue Pikmin and drinking some nectar with a small group. The Rescue Officer smiles as they watch the Rescue Pup and Pikmin sleep underneath a plant.
November 17th, 2023 May 20th, 2024 気づいて?, lit.: "Please Notice Me" Over Here! Link Link Dingo sees Shepherd brushing some of Oatchi's fur off the Rescue Officer. He tries to get her attention by sticking a Purple Pikmin's leaf and then a Shearflea to his helmet, but Yonny drags him away before she notices.
November 18th, 2023 Not in English 種火係り?, lit.: "Fire Starter User" Not in English Not in English The Rescue Officer's team are using a fire starter when it burns out. The newbie talks about how nice an everlasting fire starter would be, inspiring a Red Pikmin to grab Oatchi's tail and pull it towards a bonfire altar.
November 19th, 2023 May 22nd, 2024[note 2] 名犬モス?, lit.: "Good Dog Moss" The Famous Moss Link Link Olimar lets the Rescue Officer ride atop Moss. The newbie enjoys it until Moss starts rumbling, after which they decide to only team up with Oatchi.
November 20th, 2023 May 24th, 2024 チャッピークッキング?, lit.: "Bulborb Cooking" Three Meals Link A Pikmin drinks some nectar, who is then devoured by a Shearflea, who is then sucked up by a Bulborb. Louie then observes the delicious Bulborb, who has frozen still after tasting the initial Pikmin.
November 21st, 2023 May 27th, 2024[note 4] やまびこ?, lit.: "Echoes" Echoes Link Link The Rescue Officer and a Yellow Pikmin shout down a valley to hear their echoes. As it turns out, the echoes are actually cries of help from another Yellow Pikmin, trapped in an Arachnode's web.
November 22nd, 2023 May 29th, 2024 ディンゴとピクミン?, lit.: "Dingo and Pikmin" Dingo in Charge Link Dingo is being bossy towards a group of White Pikmin, and they respond by attacking him. He yells at Oatchi, hoping that the Rescue Pup didn't notice his battle - however, Yonny and Collin had also overseen the fight.
November 23rd, 2023 May 31st, 2024[note 1] だいごみ?, lit.: "The Best Part" Reality Bites Link Link The Rescue Officer notes how cute White Pikmin are, and how they want to protect them. The newbie then shows off a large group of White Pikmin to Collin, and then runs off to have them be eaten during battle.
November 24th, 2023 June 3rd, 2024 ライバル登場?, lit.: "A Rival Appears" Ice-Cold Competition Link The Rescue Officer tries out an Ice Blast and asks Russ if it could freeze large bodies of water. As Russ tells them that science makes it possible, a horrified Ice Pikmin overhears the conversation.
November 25th, 2023 June 5th, 2024 もらってうれしい?, lit.: "Happy to Recieve" Welcome Gift[note 5] Link Link Russ asks Oatchi, a Red Pikmin, and a Bulborb about the perfect gift, though he isn't satisfied with their answers. He ends up showing his type of gift to Muggs: a pile of raw material.
November 26th, 2023 June 7th, 2024 ピキノツユクサ?, lit.: "Burgeoning Spiderwort" Burgeoning Spiderwort Link The Rescue Officer stumbles across some Red Pikmin looking at a Burgeoning Spiderwort, who proceed to collect its berries. The newbie watches the collection cycle repeat until they end up falling asleep.
November 27th, 2023 June 10th, 2024[note 2] エンターテイナー?, lit.: "Entertainer" Creative Problem-Solving Link Link The Rescue Officer shows their confused team a spinning dance they made while practicing their Dandori. This dance proves to be effective when the newbie distracts a Bug-Eyed Crawmad from attacking their Pikmin.
November 28th, 2023 June 12th, 2024 おしえて! オリマーさん?, lit.: "Tell Me! Mr. Olimar" Ask Olimar Link Olimar tells the Rescue Officer how climbing sticks are held together with Pikmin juices. The newbie goes to check one out, but a Bulborb ends up toppling it over after licking it to taste the aforementioned juices.
November 29th, 2023 June 14th, 2024 元気がいちばん?, lit.: "Energy is Number One" It's Genetic Link Link A normal Bulborb is shown eating some Pikmin. The other members of the grub-dog family are shown, and although every member varies in shape and size, they all enjoy eating Pikmin.
November 30th, 2023 June 17th, 2024 通路?, lit.: "Pathway" In the Way Link A Purple Pikmin sits down in the middle of a pathway, and is hit in the head with a Cupid's Grenade carried by a Winged Pikmin. It then gets absorbed into a Jiggle-Jiggle carried by a group of Pikmin.
December 1st, 2023 June 19th, 2024 時間差?, lit.: "Time Lag" Midflight Fail Link Link Some Winged Pikmin try to carry the Fish-Bed Snack, but only pick up the top portion. They try again with the Belted Delicacy, but the nori belt rips and drops the rice onto a Purple Pikmin.
December 2nd, 2023 June 21st, 2024 お花だいすきチーム①?, lit.: "Flower-Loving Team 1" Flower Aficionados, Pt. 1 Link Kingsly forms a flower-loving team consisting of himself, a Mamuta, and a Withering Blowhog. However, the team faces collapse as the Mamuta beats up the Blowhog for defacing its Pikmin garden.
December 3rd, 2023 Not in English お花だいすきチーム②?, lit.: "Flower-Loving Team 2" Not in English Link Not in English Kingsly notices that his Mamuta teammate has a sad face. It turns out that those are its back muscles, and it was readying to attack the Withering Blowhog once again. The flower-loving team disbands after this.
December 4th, 2023 Not in English モスのお気に入り?, lit.: "Moss's Favorite" Not in English Not in English Olimar finds Moss sleeping and drooling on the Pilot's Seat. After trying to take it back, Olimar decides to use a brand-new seat instead, but Moss steals it and gives the Pilot's Seat away to a Red Pikmin.
December 5th, 2023 Not in English 条件反射?, lit.: "Conditioned Reflex" Not in English Link Not in English Shepherd gets Collin to stand near Oatchi, which causes the Rescue Pup to growl and allows the Captain to brush his teeth.
December 6th, 2023 Not in English 埋まりかた?, lit.: "Buried to the Shoulders" Not in English Not in English After a White Pikmin trips over a buried Rock Pikmin, the Rescue Officer remembers that half-buried Rock Pikmin can get out by themselves. They get concerned when they see a whole group of half-buried Rock Pikmin.
December 7th, 2023 Not in English ピクミンからのプレゼント?, lit.: "A Present From The Pikmin" Not in English Link Not in English The Rescue Officer is given some donuts and juice by a group of Pikmin. Meanwhile, Dingo is searching all around, trying to figure out where his missing donuts and juice are.
December 8th, 2023 Not in English おやつ探偵コリー?, lit.: "Snack Detective Collin" Not in English Not in English Continuing from the last comic, Collin offers to help Dingo find his missing snacks. Dingo points to where he got the snacks from - Collin's emptied snack box! The two start chasing each other while Yonny and Shepherd look on.
December 9th, 2023 Not in English なんかなぁ?, lit.: "Something Like That" Not in English Link Not in English Oatchi watches the Rescue Officer throw some Purple Pikmin, and wants to try it. However, he can only do so by spitting out a Purple Pikmin in his mouth.
December 10th, 2023 Not in English 隊長とマシン?, lit.: "Captain and Machine" Not in English Not in English Shepherd is busy working on her tablet when she has to use the bathroom. Oatchi sees a high-quality Scrummy Bone on its screen and gives the tablet a good licking. Shepherd and Collin then wonder why the tablet's so wet.
December 11th, 2023 Not in English 隊長のなやみ?, lit.: "Captain's Troubles" Not in English Link Not in English The Rescue Officer approaches Shepherd and sees her plan to buy Oatchi a Scrummy Bone present. The Captain asks the newbie for help on what flavor to pick, and they eventually decide to get every flavor.
December 12th, 2023 Not in English キャパオーバー?, lit.: "Overwhelming" Not in English Not in English A Purple Pikmin helps Ren cook some food, but after receiving non-stop instructions, the overloaded Pikmin panics and dumps one of the ingredients on its head.
December 13th, 2023 Not in English 特等席?, lit.: "Special Seat" Not in English Link Not in English Olimar offers Moss a chance to ride in the S.S. Dolphin. However, Olimar is knocked out of the Dolphin's cockpit by Moss, who ends up piloting the ship.
December 14th, 2023 Not in English 仮眠のプロ?, lit.: "Napping Pro" Not in English Not in English Collin and Yonny discuss the difficulties of night expeditions, while Dingo and Bernard rest on some Purple Pikmin. They're both sleeping, but Bernard is able to do so while standing up.
December 15th, 2023 Not in English 合唱?, lit.: "Singing in Chorus" Not in English Link Not in English A group of Pikmin start singing together. They are soon joined by the Rescue Officer and Oatchi, but are interrupted and startled by Olimar unleashing a beautifully sung note.
December 16th, 2023 Not in English ライトアップ?, lit.: "Lit Up" Not in English Not in English A group of Yellow Pikmin create a string of lights by chaining themselves and some batteries together. This chain ends up connecting to Dingo, who starts brightly glowing.
December 17th, 2023 Not in English ストレッチ?, lit.: "Stretching" Not in English Link Not in English The Rescue Officer and their Pikmin are doing some stretches, and a Sunsquish decides to join in. Then, an Icy Blowhog comes in and freezes the exercisers.
December 18th, 2023 Not in English 絵のモデル?, lit.: "Model Drawing" Not in English Not in English The Rescue Officer sees Keesh drawing a Red Pikmin, but is disappointed when it turns out to be a hydro jelly. Keesh starts drawing what looks like another hydro jelly, but turns out to be a Moldy Dwarf Bulborb.
December 19th, 2023 Not in English おやこ連れ?, lit.: "Bringing Kids" Not in English Link Not in English The Rescue Officer observes a Spotty Bulbear and its children. However, things go awry when a Rock Pikmin starts following the Spotty Bulbear and one of the Dwarf Bulbears starts following the newbie.
December 20th, 2023 Not in English ミウリンのしんさ?, lit.: "Mamuta's Judgement" Not in English Not in English The Rescue Officer tries to attack a Mamuta, but it simply turns around and starts judging their Pikmin. After noticing several flaws in the newbie's Pikmin, the Mamuta finally attacks back.
December 21st, 2023 Not in English あったかいところ・再び?, lit.: "Warm Place: Again" Not in English Link Not in English Olimar is looking for his tablet, and decides to check under Moss. He finds something, but it turns out to be a sleeping Red Pikmin. He pulls out more snoozing Pikmin as the tablet lies on Moss's other side.
December 22nd, 2023 Not in English なでなでの手?, lit.: "Stroking Hand" Not in English Not in English Oatchi sees Shepherd and Collin talking, and decides to get in-between them. Shepherd ends up petting the Rescue Pup, while Collin gets smacked across the face with Oatchi's wagging tail.
December 23rd, 2023 Not in English 大そうじ?, lit.: "Big Cleaning"[note 6] Not in English Link Not in English Russ decides to clean out his room, and a group of Pikmin start to help him put things away. However, the Pikmin end up making a big mess, and Russ throws them out of his room.
December 24th, 2023 Not in English フライング?, lit.: "Flying" Not in English Not in English Some Pikmin are carrying a large present when one of them trips and smashes through the dropped gift. The present Pikmin starts running around as Collin and the Rescue Officer talk about it containing ultra-spicy spray.
December 25th, 2023 Not in English ヒカリイルミネーシヨン?, lit.: "Light Illumination" Not in English Link Not in English A group of Glow Pikmin decorate their Lumiknolls with glow pellets. As the Rescue Corps watch on, they spot and point out a glow pellet bush, though it's actually a sneaky grub-dog that's approaching them.
December 26th, 2023 Not in English よごれを吸着?, lit.: "Dirt Absorber" Not in English Not in English The Rescue Officer and Oatchi are covered in dirt and leaves after one of their expeditions. They wash up by jumping into the Foolix, which absorbs all the grime and spits the newly-cleaned duo out.
December 27th, 2023 Not in English 大集合?, lit.: "Large Gathering" Not in English Link Not in English Yonny has trouble catching a Purple Pikmin for examination, so he sets up a nectar net trap. A bunch of nearby Pikmin rush the trap, as well as a Bulborb which eats the Pikmin and ends up getting caught.
December 28th, 2023 Not in English 行きつけ?, lit.: "My Favorite Place" Not in English Not in English Nelle is hungry, so she decides to take a trip to an unspecified a juice stand. Yorke and Don Bergman investigate, and it turns out Nelle's juice is actually glow sap taken straight from a Lumiknoll.
December 29th, 2023 Not in English お呼ばれ?, lit.: "Invited" Not in English Link Not in English A Glow Pikmin invites a group of non-Glow Pikmin to its Lumiknoll. Collin and the Rescue Officer observe the scene, but are shocked to see an uninvited Nelle walking off with some stolen glow sap.
December 30th, 2023 Not in English 意外な味方??, lit.: "An Unexpected Ally?" Not in English Not in English Some Pikmin try to steal Dingo's dessert again, but a Breadbug intervenes and drags it back to him. Dingo's happiness is short-lived when the Breadbug buries both him and the food underneath some sand.
December 31st, 2023 Not in English 回収のナゾ?, lit.: "Collection Mystery" Not in English Link Not in English A Crawmad corpse has gone missing, and the Rescue Officer and Collin wonder where it went. A flashback shows Louie and Moss stealing the corpse, then cooking it on top of a bonfire altar for dinner.
January 1st, 2024 Not in English ご来光?, lit.: "Mountaintop Sunrise" Not in English Not in English The Rescue Corps watch the sun rise, but it turns out to be the yellow light of a Groovy Long Legs. As the Corps are hypnotized into dancing, Olimar and Moss wonder why they're being so loud.
January 2nd, 2024 Not in English はつゆめ?, lit.: "First Dream"[note 7] Not in English Link Not in English Olimar has a nightmare about Louie and The President, and is woken up by what he thinks is Moss. It turns out to be a Bulborb, and Olimar freaks out in this new nightmare while Moss tries to wake him up in the real world.
January 3rd, 2024 Not in English 占い師バニーズ?, lit.: "Fortune Teller Bernise" Not in English Not in English Bernise can't tell Oatchi's fortune as she isn't a dog fortune teller. However, Shepherd is able to do this, and she predicts that Oatchi will receive many high-quality Scrummy Bones.
January 4th, 2024 Not in English おねがいごと?, lit.: "Wish" Not in English Link Not in English François is sad that no Pikmin wants to be his friend, so when a shooting star appears, he wishes to be friends with them. However, he spots a group of Pikmin also making wishes, and angrily lunges at them.
January 5th, 2024 Not in English けはい?, lit.: "Presence" Not in English Not in English Shepherd takes part in a game where she has to guess Pikmin while blindfolded, and surprises the Rescue Officer and Collin by being able to correctly tell their type just from their presence.
January 6th, 2024 Not in English ひと切れずつ?, lit.: "Slice by Slice" Not in English Link Not in English The Rescue Corps are having pizza for lunch, and Bernard slices and spreads out the pizzas so he can sneakily steal a slice. A group of Pikmin (and Dingo) do the exact same thing, leaving almost no pizza left.
January 7th, 2024 Not in English まだ大丈夫?, lit.: "It's Okay" Not in English Not in English Collin prods a Purple Pikmin, jiggles a hydro jelly, and finally squishes his belly - the last of which makes him smile.


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