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Hi. My name is Adam986. I like editing wiki and pikipedia pages. I don't have the best spelling but I usely try to spell check my page. If I ever misspell something than please correct. I also like playing games such as Age of Empires 3, pikmin, pikmin 2, ect. I have beet pikmin one and me and my cousin are about to beat pikmikn 2. And whenever pikmin 3 comes out I will play it a lot! Oh ya, Don't tell me to get a life. I'm a gamer I have plenty.


The subjects im most interested in is science and history. So if im editing normal wiki pages then those are probley the pages you'll find me on. but you will find me everywhre on pikipedia.

Other sites

I don't own any websites but I do have an acount on youtube. it is gamepro103 If someone trys to become my friend or subscribe because you read this on this page then tell me that you are a pikmin fan and want to subscribe or be my friend and i will except.


I am in my own orginization I also want toe become a free mason. If you are a freemason then i will be more then happy to let you be my friend on youtube also.


I like soft rock, rock, and some hard rock. I hate country. My favorite song is "Lets see how far we've come" by Matchbox20. Some other songs i like are "I want it all", "When the Lights come down in the city", and Singing sweet home alabama all summer long".