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Hi, I'm Sandra, but you can call me "art" if you so choose~ I really enjoy playing video games and drawing, and I'm a bit new to this site, but I'm nowhere near new to the internet XD I carry the same username on Deviantart, and tumblr. Everything I upload to this site will carry my watermark, because I want to avoid having my art stolen, which has happened in the past. I will do my best to keep my watermark from distracting any images I contribute, but it's there for my personal safety reasons.

If you happen to see any of my pictures on another website, I'd really appreciate it if you notify me and link me the presumed stolen works, because it's really important to me that my work is not stolen from me, because I spend hours at a time on my art. Also, if you want to talk to me for any reason, don't be afraid to, I don't bite~