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I started playing Pikmin at Pikmin 2 and I love it, so I figured I'd use my extensive non-knowledge to help out you people. The best Pikmin are white Pikmin. (Whenever I tell my friends that, they call me racist.) I have almost beaten Pikmin 2, and have started making up stuff for Pikmin 3. Green Pikmin anyone?


I'm a stupid kid who lives in Some Hick Town You'll Never Visit, USA, who draws stuff and writes stuff and plays video games... stuff. Edits wars suck, especially when I'm in them.

Pikmin 3 Ideas

All I have so far is a lot of new Pikmin types. Green Pikmin have claws and are immune to acid. Orange Pikmin have tails, are immune to explosions, and can carry bomb-rocks. Brown Pikmin have big eyebrows and are immune to falling rocks, Cannon Beetle rocks, etc. Turquoise Pikmin have cute little reptile shell-bellies, are immune to ice vapor, and can push and break ice blocks. Pink Pikmin have tiny wings, are immune to lava, and can be thrown very far (but not very high.) Black Pikmin have mouths with fangs (as opposed to the Blue Pikmin's toothless mouths), and are immune to all elemental hazards.

Embed Glitch

I discovered the embed glitch! Thank you.

Find me!

I'm dodoman1 on DeviantArt, dodo-man-1 on Newgrounds, DodoMaster1 on Youtube, and dodoman1 everywhere else. If you see someone named dodoman1 on another site, it's likely me.