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When a new Pikmin game is revealed, and trailers, screenshots, and gameplay features become public, everybody will want to contribute info to the wiki. To make sure everything is organized, and avoid massive disorganization problems like those that happened in the past, let's all follow this guide.

When a big event happens

Go to the game's page and:

  1. Dump anything you find of interest that is revealed about how the game works.
  2. On the "Trailers" section, add a link to any new trailers.
  3. On the "External links" section, and a link to any new official websites or social media accounts.
  4. On the "Development" section, point down this event.

When an image is released

If it is noteworthy, upload it to the wiki.

  1. Make sure the image doesn't already exist! Check the relevant articles, first.
  2. Give it a decent filename (not something like IMG112895461_002.jpg). Even if it's an unknown enemy in an unknown area, you should write something descriptive.
  3. Write a simple description, and in it, you must state where the image comes from. This includes both its location (website) and the event (a Nintendo direct, an E3 conference, etc.); the date of the event must also be written.
  4. Categorize it under Category:<game name> reveal images. (More info on this coming soon.)

When a Pikmin type, enemy, or character is revealed

  1. If it's something that was in a previous game...
    1. Go to its article, and add an "In <game name>" section at the top.
    2. Start the section with {{futuregame}}.
    3. Include all known information about it there, even if it's just "it has been confirmed to return".
    4. Edit the game article's list of Pikmin/enemies/characters and include the new entry.
  2. If it's something new:
    1. Add a sub-section about it on the Pikmin/enemies/characters section of the game's article. If its name is unknown, use a descriptive title, with the word "Unknown" in it (e.g. Unknown fiery beetle, Unknown flying purple monster).
    2. In this section, write all known info.
  3. Cite your sources.