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Welcome to pikmin 3 page lets get started

pikmin 3 is a 3rd person view game and there are 3 different modes story mode bingo battle and mission mode.

1.mission mode

mission mode is co-op game mode the co-op players are alph and brittany play with your friends and defeat enimies battle

in bingo battle you can battle a friend there can be 2v2 with 2 captian's on player 1's side and 2 captians on player 2's side you have to match and get the enimies on the bingo card list the one you get 4 in a row wins!

3.story mode

story mode is basicly the story of the game with collecting fruit and defeating bosses and enimies just like mission mode you also need the cosmic drive key to get to koppi idk how to spell it but once you get home if you collect all the friuts you get the good ending if you if you dont have any juice you get the bad ending if you collect half of the fruit you get the secret ending