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Pikminschoiceee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello there, I have just joined the Pikipedia and I have but one question for ya. WHEN THE HECK IS PIKMIN3 COMING OUT????????????????????? I have heard that it is to be on the new WiiU, but im still kinda wonderin.

Ok so I have pikmin 1, and 2 (completely obvious!!!) HAAAAHHAAAAA I have beaten both of them, and I actually beat the first pikmin in 1 night.(IN REAL LIFE FOLKS DONT GET CONFUSED) It took me about 19 days in the game to beat it, and i have beaten it multiple times. 19 days is my personal record. In pikmin2, it took me a little longer to beat. Like, 2 weeks(REAL LIFE) and not much over 30 days in the game. Yea, you cant actually say you have beaten pikmin 2 until you collect every piece of treasure. YEA I KNOW CHALLENGING, RIGHT??????????????? In Pikmin1 i have literrally done everything. I even beat the smoky crog. Amazing, right? I'll tell you all of my secrets later people. PATIENCE(im not the best at spelling so deal with it)

So about pikmin3...ive heard its not gonna be for the nintendo wii. BOOHOO. BUT...It is going to be for the wiiu!!!! Im so excited for it!!! Now, im going to tell you my top secret ideas. Im going to list a bunch of ideas for new pikmin.

Turquoise Pikmin: Pikmin who are in shells(like squirtle!!!!) and can hide in it for defense against enemies. They can also roll in the shells, making them crush little things like those darn dwarf bulborbs. Also, when Olimar throws these pikmin, they go abnormally far.They have skates :)

Pink Pikmin: These are like totally hot pink pikmin! O my gawd! Anyways, they are going to be little pikmin that can ice skate and survive extreme cold temperatures(ya know how the red pikmin can go through fire? Same thing.)

Brown Pikmin: These pikmin are definently goin to be of the earth attribute. What I mean by that is that they are going to be the ones that dig, and the ones that climb mountains. Say you need to get into this room, but it has no entrance?! OH NO? WHAT DO YOU DO????? simple. You get some feisty fatty brown pikmin who have claws, to dig their way into this room, and get that treasure!!! Or, If there is a mountain, and there is a treasure at the top, and its too high for yellow pikmin to reach, what do you do??? You take a brown pikmin, throw it at the mountain, and it will climb the mountain, and get the treasure. Life, made easy :)

Black Pikmin: OOOOOH SCARY!!!!! Not really. These guys, will be able to posess enemies! Now, what would happen is the pikmin goes inside the enemy, and that enemy slowly starts to lose its health, and while it is losing health, it fights for you! Amazing, if it was like a big bulborb. But, with something great, something bad must happen to. When the enemy that the black pikmin took posession of dies, the black pikmin dies too! :( The other bad thing is that the black pikmin will be extremely rare.These pikmin will have no legs.

Orange Pikmin: These pikmin are going to be ones that use bomb rocks once again! HOORAA! They will have sharp teeth.

Green Pikmin: These guys are going to be able to glide! They will be able to go across canyons and stuff like that. These guys will have tails. If you look up green pikmin, im sure you will be able to see its picture :)

Im still coming up with new ideas, so if you want, post your own ideas! If your lucky, maybe I will post them on my page :)

And now, it is time for the Pikminschoiceee quiz question! (because dont we all gotta have a quiz question sometime?) Quiz question: What is the last boss in Pikmin1, and how do you defeat it? The answer is coming soon!