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Things i like.

Purple pikmin beating up baddies like emperor bulblaxes ect. Burrowing snagret battles. Getting treasures.

Things i HATE.

Cheaply losing my pikmin to a cannon beetles boulders. Pikmin following me into water if not blues after they finish something they are doing. Spotty bulbears.


I'm male, love video games, and I'm 10 years old, thats all I'm telling you.

Funny moments that happened to me in pikmin 2.

Once Olimar got caught by a snitch or swooping bug and i fell in the wall and ended right at the research pod! Making bulborbs whatsoever falling into pits.

Some cool things i found out.

Get this, you missing a trophy in smash bros melee? If ya don't know, you need pikmin 1 on your memory card along with melee to get the captin olimar and pikmin trophy! man-at-legs in hole of hero's is annoying is it? well bring a big army of blues and bulbmin to kill that non chaser man-at-legs! Also if you run into a beady long legs in perplexing pool, look out! a bulbear and some dwarf bulbears might come by if you take too long trying to kill it! so kill it fast and get the pellets! only kill the bulbears if you got some ultra-bitter spray!

Important info about bosses in pikmin 1

Also i forgot to mention i have pikmin 1! i got it a few weeks ago or something! Back to the boss info! Armored Cannon Beetle:Bring about 30 or 40 or more pikmin for this, Start off by waiting for it to suck up some air to exhale it's boulder and quickly toss a pikmin before he attacks! then toss pikmin on it's red steaming back, Repeat the process until it is dead! it is in forest of hope and distant spring in story mode, not sure where it is in challenge mode! Burrowing Snagret:Simply you just toss pikmin on it's head if it is possible to reach it, if not, attack the body. (body is harder for beating it.) Smoky Progg:this thing is medium and hard at the same time! IT ONLY APPEARS BEFORE DAY 15!!! Bring alot of blue pikmin and leave some reds and yellows at the onions and dolphin, take the blues to attack a big egg, stop them when it reaches about half it's hp, otherwise it will vanish. Once it comes out attack it with some blue pikmin on it's head, (take note that the stuff behind it is killer poison, it can be removed with a bomb-rock attack.) Once it gets close to the onions and dolphin, call your other pikmin and attack it with them! If you kill it, it leaves a odd brownish orb thing and get this!!! bring it to the onions and it leaves a whooping 100 pikmin of that color!!! THAT PWNS HUH?!?!