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hi. i am Pikpik The Queen Candypop Pikmin. i have logged onto h*r fanstuff wiki, mariowiki, AND NOW HERE! uhh, i dont like being called my long name so now please just call me Pikpik. i loooooooooove playing and going on quests with my best friend Little Yellow. anyone think my name is a good pikminame at all? crumb the breadbug? anyone? well i guess i'll never know... there is no particular game for my type of pikmin.


i have practiced pikmin 2 so much that i am an expert!

queen candypop pikmin? why?

uhh... my real name is caleb, and i made them up. i ♥ them. (the ♥ is for love). they are loved by me because they can fly all ←, →, ↑ and ↓. not just that, but diagonally.