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Hello, fellow Wiki users! My name is Princess Pikmina III, or for those who can't read Roman numerals, that's Princess Pikmina the Third. I am 12 years old and about to be 13 on August 21! I joined this Wiki on Sunday, April 22, 2007. which happens to be Earth Day, at about 11:51 AM. Since I am new to this Wiki, my User Page is pretty sparse, but the content will be imporved soon.

My Game Consoles/Handhelds

1. Super Nintendo

2. Nintendo 64

3. Sega Dreamcast

4. Game Boy Color

6. Game Boy Advance SP

7. Nintendo DS

8. Nintendo GameCube

My Favorite Nintendo Franchises

(They are in order)

1. The Legend of Zelda

2. Super Mario

3. Metroid


5. Kirby

6. Pikmin

7. Pokémon

Wikis I Am On

(Will be updated frequently as I join new Wikis)

1. The Legend of Zelda Wiki (Under the Username Princess Zelda VI)

2. Super Mario Wiki (Under the Unsername Princess Alisha Toadstool V)

3. Pikmin Wiki

4. Nintendo Wiki (Under the Username Presidential Nintendo Queen Alisha)


Thanks for visiting my User Page! See you later! This page will soon be updated as I add pictures and things!

Yours sincerely,

~Princess Pikmina III