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Greetings. I am here thanks to a series of events far too complicated to delve into right now. But if you really want to know, scroll down.

Anyway, the first Pikmin was a game by Dad played to me when I was 4 years old. I loved all the little colours and enemies when I was a kid. When I was 7, I played through and beat the Titan Dweevil in Pikmin 2 at release. I never got 100%. After Pikmin 3 was revealed, I played through Pikmin 2 from the start again and got every treasure in the game.

So I guess you could say, I've been waiting 13 years for this game. And I'm dang excited about it.

Pikmin Ideas

Everyone seems to have some, so I will too.


Hocotate Freight has had major success since repaying all the debt with money to spare. Olimar and Louie are thanked deeply by the President as he shows them their new ship model: the S.S. Pikmin. Shaped similar to the Hocotate Ship, yet more streamlined with a Pikmin-esque sprout atop.

Meanwhile on Koppai, Alph gets to work to find out the source of the S.S. Drake's crash. The three explorers have rose to fame after their successful mission. He discoveres a silver of gold trapped in the workings. He bottles it and shows it to his grandfather: Character D. His name is Drake.

Drake cannot identify it, so they bring it to Charlie, now a legendary explorer. Charlie cannot identify it, so they take it to Brittany, now a credited scientist in botany. She cannot identify it either, however another scientist named Levester identifies it as S-Plasm, a space entity which is known for destroying ships.

The five travel to Hocotate to speak to Olimar about the bottled S-Plasm. Olimar was about to leave to deliver something. Soon after Olimar looks at it, it reforms as Louie. Charlie guesses this means Louie could be in danger. The six of them fly of after Olimar informs them that the President is with Louie too. Olimar leaves in the S.S. Pikmin.

Alph worries that the Plasm Wraith may crash them again, but Olimar says they must rescue Louie, as he has something vital to all planets in order to prevent oxygen poisoning. He refuses however to reveal what it is. Once again, they crash and all 6 are flung everywhere once again.

As they crash land, the Waterwraith is seen watching in the distance.

Playabke Characters

There are 8 characters in this game, however only 4 are playable at a time. Both Olimar and Drake are hurtled onto one side of the planet Alph, Brittany, Charlie and Levester are flung to the other.

Olimar finds the President unconscious on Day 2.

Olimar, Louie, President and Drake have access to Blue Pikmin, White Pikmin, Rock Pikmin and Green Pikmin.

Alph, Brittany, Charlie and Levester have access to Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Winged Pikmin and Phantom Pikmin.

Purple Pikmin are discovered when the groups reunite.

New Pikmin

  • Green Pikmin
    • These Pikmin are green, and their leaves or petals are spiky. The sprout and arms have small spikes sticking out.
    • They can destroy Thorned Walls and unwrap Bramble from something.
    • They are immune to Acid sprayed by various sources.

  • Phantom Pikmin
    • These Pikmin come in a purplish colour (lighter than that of actual Purples) with pink stripes flowing across it. It has a wispy tail which leaves behind a purplish mist.
    • They can touch things not in the material plane.
    • When they die, their spirits will attack enemies until the enemy is dead.
    • They can activate Golems.

Creatures and Bosses

  • Corrosive Blowhog
    • Sprays acid at Pikmin
    • Their snouts are greenish-blue and their bodies are more shiny.
  • Bumbling Brambler
    • A small Dandelion-puff like creature wrapped in Bramble.
    • It will skitter through your Pikmin army, tripping over and spiking any non-Green Pikmin.
  • Tunneling Meerslug
    • A smaller, darker Meerslug that eats Pikmin. It is a normal enemy.
    • It does not spit anything, nor does it create holes in the ground, it jut lunges towards Pikmin to eat them.
  • Dumple Bulborb
    • A cross between a Water Dumple and a Bulborb.
  • Lavish Moorester
    • A long, strange thin enemy, given away by its bright, glowing flowers that grow on its back.
    • It must be attacked by Phantom Pikmin.
  • Armoured Slimestilt
    • A snail-like enemy which has long eye-stalk-like protrusions all over its body.
    • The player must smash the shell to reveal its weak back.
  • Shell Tingard
    • An orange lizard like creature with a strange shell on its back and a shell necklace around its neck.
    • Attacking the shell will spike the Pikmin to death (provided they aren't Rock Pikmin)
    • Attack its face.

The Series of Events That Were Too Elaborate to go into

  • I became Moderator on a popular forum
  • I met JPMRocks, a fellow Pikmin fan.
  • I added him on Miiverse
  • He asked me to help out so I did.