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SpottyBulbear215's Profile

Hi, I'm SpottyBulbear 215! But you can call me Spot or Lilly May. (Spot is my nickname, or for long its Spot the Spotty Bulbear)

About me

I have played the Pikmin series since I was... um..? Around 5, 6 or 7. I have now completed both games (took years cause I could never do enough things in 15 minutes (15 min. is 1 Pikmin day.))

My favorite Pikmin are in order of: 1. Yellow. 2. White. 3. Bulbmin. 4. Blue. 5. Red. 6. Purple. I will take any measure to stop a Pikmin from dying even, Purples, and even if it will cost me a part/treasure. I salute those who do die. (Pikmin-crazy O_O) Oh, and I can't wait for Pikmin 3! It comes out this year, 2010. Squee!

Pikmin I  have created (very long list of 34 Pikmin types!)

Blue Flowers

Orange Pikmin:

Pink Pikmin:

Green Pikmin:

Brown Pikmin

Red Flowers

Black Pikmin:

Cyan Pikmin:

Grey Pikmin:

Teal Pikmin:

Yellow Flowers

Burgundy Pikmin:

Orchid Pikmin:

Cream Pikmin:

Rainbow Pikmin:

Purple Flowers

Olive Pikmin:

Chocolate Pikmin:

Mint Pikmin:

Thisel Pikmin:

Black Flowers

Fuchsia Pikmin:

Maroon Pikmin:

Goldenrod Pikmin:

Navy Pikmin:

Tomato Pikmin:

Orange Flowers

Aquamarine Pikmin:

Lime Pikmin:

Lilac Pikmin:

Terracotta Pikmin:

Green Flowers

Anthracite Pikmin:

Sapphire Pikmin:

Petunia Pikmin:

Reseda Pikmin:

Grey Flowers

Emerald Pikmin:

Perrywinkle Pikmin:

Tangerine Pikmin:

Citrus Pikmin:

Graphite Pikmin: