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I OlimarPikmin3Art.jpg! This user is completely dedicated

to Captain Olimar !

Queen Candypop Bud icon.png


A Mushroom Pikmin from Pikmin.

Warning! The Piktoad species mustn't be confused with the Mushroom Pikmin.

Toad Pikmin.jpg
Scientific name : Amaniticus pikminicus
Resistance Puffstool's spores
Attack strength Average (10)
Mobility Above average
Throw Farther than average
Digging speed Unknown
Carrying capacity 1

Hi ! I'm a french Pikmin who mixed his DNA with the Toad's DNA.

I have Pikmin 3's official logo. Compare to its original logo. and Pikmin 2 logo.png (New Play Control.png)  !

I'm 14 years old I love ALL in the Pikmin series ! My 3 favorite hobbies : listening Pikmin music, drawing Pikmin things, and, of course, playing Pikmin 3.

I've already done all things possible in Pikmin 3.

Speedrun, 0-death-all-fruits, glitches, shortcuts... ALL.

I've also bought the PikminShortsLogo.png on Wii U...

I went on the Activity Log... I got 50 hours past on it.

Red Pikmin icon.png

Pikmin Preferences

Hang in there, Pikmin!

8) Rock Pikmin  : We can't whistle them every time, we have to launch them to deal damage ... Definitely my least favorite type of Pikmin.

7)Bulbmin : Although they are immune to hazards, they don't appear often. And they remind me these horrible Grub-dogs...

6)Winged Pikmin : Like the concept, but they are so stupid... It's me or they are always drowning ?!

5)Purple Pikmin : Strong, but so sloooooow...

4)White Pikmin : I like the defensive poisonous system of these albino creatures. And soooo faaaast !!

"Uh ? Yellow Pikmin are the favorite Pikmin of Piktoad ? That's great. Keep it up."

3)Red Pikmin : Strong, fireproofed (and fast), they are perfect against these Bulborbs !

2)Blue Pikmin : Always liked water and aquatic creatures !

1)Yellow Pikmin : Best. Pikmin. Ever. Electric, lighter, cute. Exactly what I love !