this will be my logpage for my pikmin related adventures,for both games,day-by-day play-by-play,usualy including a pic or day local suggestions,post on dicushion page.also,for any admins,I am bringin in new editors,but they will usualy just read things.R-out! P.S.revew please! I am rocky0718 and i PWN


DAY 1. usual first day, crash at impact site, found red pikmin +25, got engien, going to forest of hope tomarow.

DAY 2. today i discoverd yellow pikmin, got the eternal fule dinamo, left no enemy alive that i could get to, used all carcases, and lost 4 reds in battel.

DAY 3. i think i lost 5 yelows getting the whimsical radar but all i know is that 5 are dead, and again, all enemys were used and killed.

DAY 4. today i got extraordanay bolt, nova blaster and shock absorber, in that order with no deaths!forest naval unlocked.

DAY 5. today i got blue pikmin and found the space float but didn't have enough blues to dredge it but i did prbably lost a yellow in the water also i got the automatic gear and #1 ionium jet.

DAY 6. In the impact site 166 pikmin were born today and 9 died to precure the postron generator.

DAY 7. today i got the space flaot an 80 pikmin with 6 deaths, 1 to exploshins 5 to battle.

DAY 8. not shure how many lost but increced reange with the gravity jumper and anti-doxin filter.

DAY 9. 14 deaths 45 sprouts omega stebalizer found and returned, libra and analog computer acasesed but unabell to retreave in due time, 4 of the deaths, all reds were caused by being crushed by puffstool, other 10, also reds, coused by wollywog.

DAY 10. libra and analog computer regained, guard satilite extrated from the bendy long legs and 31 yellows are dead, most of them burned before my eyes, several crushed.3 red sprouts from the boute with the wollywog yesterday.

DAY 11. today i returned the gured satilite, 3 yellow sprouts from yesterdays battel, lost 5 min, 3 reds to grubs, and 2 yellows burned, and i've decided to take tomarow off.

DAY 12. Today, I got the sagitarius and killed many enemys, but only lost 1 pikmin.

DAy 13. 24 min dead today,112 sprouted, and mostdead were red, some misslaid yellows with bombs, and radiation canopy retreved, many enemys down with abut half used. The min had beter get good nights sleep, tomarow is going to be my rendition of D-day angainst the 3 burowing snagrets...

DAY 14. today i got the geiger cuonter, with 101 deaths, 20 yellows and 81 reds, will take tomarow off to regroup.

DAY 15. today i returned to the impact site and took the goolix, 3 pearly clamclamps, and all pelet posies for 286 sprouts, with 24 blue caualtys.

DAY 16. another constatutinal day n the forest of hope to colect the 7 survivors of armogeoddan and 46 sprouts with 1 blue and 1 yellow deaths.

DAY 17. today i gat the gluon drive, massage machine, and the repair type bolt with 69 sprouts and 17 blue casualtys.

DAY 18. Interstelar radio collected with 50 casualys by ether drowning or crushing, 48 blue, 1 red and 1 yellow.

DAY 19. pilates seat and bowspiret colected with 140 sprouts and 11 red deaths.

DAY 20. no deaths or sprouts, but U.V. lamp colected, Zerconium rotor colected, #2 ionium jet colected, and Chronos reactor colocted so i can go th the final triel tomarow.

DAY 21. today i scouted and took down the obsticals in the final triel and got advice from olimar on the emporer bulblax. no deaths or sprouts.


DAY 1. Today I learend the basic comands from my smart-aleck ship, saved Louie, got my first treasure and re-discovered the Red pikmin. reg-first day for everyone.

DAY 2. I return to the Valley of Repose to find my second tresure and battle a red bulborb losing 3 pikmin.then I beat Emergence Cave with no deaths,and 3 treasures, finishing it, and finding purple pikmin, unlocking the Awakening Wood. lots done in 2 days...

DAY 3. Today I exsplore the awakaning wood.First I take out the enemys that I could reach got another treasure,and spicy spray.I ventured down the hole of beasts,cleaned it out, got 15 purple pikmin,and only lost 1 red to the empress bulbax.but when I cme out there was still time enough time left to go to the white flowe garden,get White pikmin ,and clean it out with no deaths!20% of dept recverd by the end of the day!

DAY 4. yesturday went fanominal. no chance at new pikmin today,but there is one at a new area if i can defend my pikmin well.30% of dept repaid without a cave,perplexing pool unlocked,1 red lost to poison,because i threw it over a 2/3rd of the way down poison gate because i thought it would make it without death...I was wrong...

DAY 5. today I have will explore the perplexing pool. it was dificult,but i managed to get the {yellow pikmin},but 1 purple poison deathe for the same reason as treasures today.

DAY 6. going to retreave {blue pikmin} in the awakaning wood today and return to hole of beasts for 5 purple pikmin.2 treasures colected topside,none in any caves.

DAY 7. today im stocking up on pikmin in the vally of repose and took down a wall,drained a lake,built a bridge across an undranable lake,and got a treasure.NO DEATHS!

DAY 8. same as yesturday,only in the awakaning wood.1 treasure,almost lost a blue to sunset but,I saved him,but 1 got squached by a yellow wollywog (I hate them).

DAY 9. today i planed to explore bulbax kingdom,but I posponed it until I get 5 of each deaths,lets all do the no deaths dance!

DAY 10. more berry collection and # increace at the awakaning wood,snagret take down deaths all day,15+white count,no treasure,snargret hole discovered but not entered.

DAY 11. bulbax kingdom exploration set cave stat:cleaned out,no deaths.40% of dept repaided.many pikmin # ups.

DAY 12. vally of repose return for treasure and pikmin increace. many,many enemys dead,no K.I.A.s,and 1 treasure.subteranian complex accessed,not entered though.

DAY 13. I had a bad feeling about today so I went tthe easyest unexplored cave i could think of.glutons kichan,cleand it out,got 5 purple pikmin,2 reds,and had 1 yellow K.I.A.oh yeah,60% of dept off!

DAY 14. massave K.I.A. up in snagrets hole,1 yellow,5 red,12 blue,1 white,3 purple.70% of dept.

DAY 15. today I explored the subteranian complex with 20 whites added and all color trade made up for above ground,baild out of the cave on sublevel 4 with 80 % of dept repaid and 2 purple K.I.A.s to a armored connon bettle larva up top.

DAY 16. "somthing wiked thisway comes", is an understatement for my army, today i toke down a man-at legs with only 6 k.i.a.s in the subteranian complez 9 for the hole cave! 90% of dept repaid!

DAY 17. today i lick my wounds from the man-at-legs fight. not exactly nessisary, but a battle fought is a battle worn. broke 1000 pikmin today and no funds .

DAY 18! 100% of dept gone! the final treasure was spouse alert! all i came i fronter cavern was to scope it out, i only took a yellow pikmin, but i found a violate candypop bud and came out with a purple!

DAY 19. today i cleaned out cididel of spider and got 2 treasures above ground in perplexing pool.14 pikmin dead...

DAY 20. in the fronter cavern, i wiped it clean of treasures and that means... ONLY 1 TREASURE IN THE VALLY OF REPOSE! plus, no deaths. :)

DAY 21. today i get the final treasure in the vally of repose. with no K.I.A.s and a dead firey bulbax, decorated connon bettle, and many water dumples, it was a very productive day.tomarow begens the perplexing pool conquest.

DAY 22. perplexing pool conquest going fair, no treasure today, a blue death to a dwarf bulbear , many yellows almost drown but none did. many # ups.

DAY 23. well, things are starting to pick up here in the perplexing pool. 2 treasures today topside, broke the 1400 pikmin mark, and 3 blues dead taking down a yellow wollywog( still hate em'). 6 days till it starts to get dangerious.

DAY 24. oy, it was slow day, only 5 days left until my deadline for safty, and i still have a treasure aboveground and 2 holes to pach up... but, on the bright side, no deaths today.

DAY 25. well, much faster day today, shower room is compleat, with no deaths,and only submersed castle to finish before day 30 i think i'll be fine.

DAY 26. i've taken may hits underground ,with 9 dead in submerged castel , 2 purple , 7 blues, and i realy didn't keep track of the bulbmin, but it is compleat, also 2 dead above ground.

DAY 27. well, not so bad today, no deaths, # increace, in awakinig wood.3 day until wistful wild .

DAY 28. tomarow im gonna get bitter sprays in the perplexing pool and more pikmin. today i got more sprays and min in the awakinig wood, no deaths.

DAY 29. tomarow,the last stop before wistful wild conquest, but todays plan went off without a hitch.

DAY 30. today i enter the wistful wild and killed many enemjys and lost no min. but i didn't get any treasures.

DAY 31. today i get 3 treasures and the secret bugs, along with an unfathamobal amount of enemys.

DAY 32. today i compleated cavern of cayos with 1 red, 1 blue, and 4 purpels dead on the last sublevel.but i well made up for the primary losses in the area by hole of heros and got the aromored nut.

DAY 33. i've taken today to restock pikmin numbers at the awaking wood and my bitter spray supplise is wasted from yesterday and i only got 1 bitter spray and the primary pikmin numbers are basicaly level.

DAY 34. today i stocked up on whites and purples in the bulblax kingdom and 2 bitter sprays along with 3 spicy sprays.

DAY 35. today i cleaned out the hole of heroes with 1 white and 3 blues dead and doomsday apuratus atained. just gotta find louie...

DAY 36!! TODAY I FOUND LOUIE, COMPLEATED THE TREASURE HORED, AND COMPLEATED THE PIKLOPEDIIA!!!well? start revewing!! i lost maby 20 or so min in the cave, both trips, last treasur wass talisman of life, 1 red 12 blues and bout 6 yellows died today to save the bacon of that silent bug boy- Louie!

DAY 37. my first day back since the refounification of louie, and i just whittled the day away in the awakaning wood, killing enemys and getting sprays. no deaths ans a bridge rebult. many pikmin sprouted. this will probably becm methodical...

DAY 38. today was another mass PWNing with no deaths in the vally of repose. everyting exept the firey bulblax, withering blowhog, armored cannon bettle larva, and the water dumples were taken today. awsome day.

DAY 39. in the awakaning wood, many enemys killed, 4 blues down, and 3 brides rebulit.