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Some Pikmin carrying a Red Bulborb carcass.

In the Pikmin games, Pikmin are able to carry objects or living beings. When ordered to handle with an object that can be carried, a Pikmin will grab on to it. Further Pikmin can be issued to carry the same thing, at which point they'll grab a free spot on the object's perimeter to help carry. If it's too heavy, the Pikmin will just stand in place, periodically trying to pull it up, but once enough Pikmin grab onto the object, they will be able to carry it.

Depending on what is being carried, the Pikmin can either take it to the ship (or Pod) or an Onion. The Pikmin will follow one of several set paths (normally the shortest, unless it's unavailable) toward the destination. If the only path is blocked by a gate or a gap with a missing bridge, the Pikmin will start walking in a circle in front of the obstacle, waiting for it to be cleared.

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Did you know...
  • ...that in New Play Control! Pikmin 2, the players can pick which 2-Player Battle stage layout to use, including a bizarre combination?
  • ...that the second sublevel of the Glutton's Kitchen contains an exclusive, unique object – a piece of chiyogami paper – and that it is internally designed like an enemy?
  • ...that taking a Bulborb's picture with the camera's flash enabled will result in an eyeshine effect?
  • ...that the names of the five areas in Pikmin 3 all have the same number of characters – 14?
  • ...that the fanfare that plays when jumping into the first sublevel of a cave is actually different from the one in the following sublevels?
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The Peckish Aristocrab from Pikmin 3 eating some Pikmin.
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