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Chaenostoma cordatum

Chaenostoma cordatum, more commonly known as the Bacopa.

The flower atop a Pikmin in the flower stage is called Chaenostoma cordatum, or commonly known as the Bacopa, Ornamental Bacopa, Sutera cordata, or the Pikmin Flower. This real-world flower was used to model the white, five petaled, yellow centered flowers that rest on top of the first generation of Pikmin species (the colors introduced in the first game), as well as the Bulbmin in Pikmin 2.

Chaenostoma cordatum also come in different colors: white, lavender, and magenta/violet. So far, in the Pikmin species, all three of these colors have been used, each symbolizing a generation of Pikmin, or a new game in the series. The magenta color has been used on all new Pikmin types (not counting Bulbmin) in Pikmin 2, or the second generation of Pikmin species. The lavender color has been used to top all the known new species in Pikmin 3, or the third generation of Pikmin.

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