This page is for keychains, phone charms, and carabiners.

amiami Hey! Pikmin charmsEdit

Those who pre-ordered Hey! Pikmin in Japan from the store amiami, received an exclusive set of acrylic Pikmin charms each with mini carabiners and chains allowing one to easily clip them together. The four charms include a Red Pikmin, a Blue Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, and the Hey! Pikmin logo. Hey! Pikmin charmEdit

Those who pre-ordered Hey! Pikmin in Japan online from Amazon Japan, received an exclusive metal phone charm displaying the Hey! Pikmin logo.

Club Nintendo Pikmin 3 keyringsEdit

In 2013, Nintendo released a set of five Pikmin keyrings exclusively to Europe. These keyrings include a Red Pikmin clinging to an apricot, a Yellow Pikmin lying on top of a strawberry, a Blue Pikmin carrying a raspberry, a Rock Pikmin sitting on a plum, and a Winged Pikmin transporting a grape. These were released via two methods: the Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin were rewards on the European Club Nintendo website, and were purchasable for 1700 Stars each, while the other three were pre-order bonuses from a European store called "GAME". The store let buyers choose one of the three keyrings when pre-ordering Pikmin 3.

Takara Tomy Arts Pikmin 3 mascot collectionEdit

Takara Tomy Arts released a collection of keyrings in February 2014 based on Pikmin 3. The keychains are comprised of Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Winged Pikmin types, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower, bringing the total number of keychains to fifteen. They are designed to clip onto each other from top to bottom so that one can create "ropes" of Pikmin. These were common to find in Japanese dollar stores. In 2021, Takara Tomy Arts re-released the set under the Pikmin 3 Deluxe logo instead.

Takara Tomy Arts Pikmin keychains and mascot strapsEdit

On March 18th, 2002, Takara Tomy Arts released a set of Pikmin mini-figures attached to a chain and clip. The figures consist of a Red Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower, as well as a red pellet, yellow pellet, and blue pellet and an Olimar figure. The keychain clip would come with either two or three figures, as well as a tag with the Japanese Pikmin logo. Keychain clips that contained Olimar would also come with one other figure, while keychain clips that did not would consist of three various figures.

In July of 2004, these mini-figures were re-released for Pikmin 2 with more variants, and this time as phone charms. The new variants included Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin, and Bulbmin, with leaf, bud, and flower variants, as well as a figure for Louie and the President. The logo on the tag was updated with the Japanese Pikmin 2 logo.

Due to the popularity of the first set of mini-figures, as well as the recent release of Pikmin 3, in June 2013 the figures were released a third time, again based on the first Pikmin game. Once again debuting as phone charms, they include Olimar attached to the strap, with a Pikmin attached to a new ring on the bottom of Olimar's feet. The set contains nine different keychains which feature Olimar and one Pikmin. The Pikmin with Olimar varies between a Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, or Blue Pikmin, and has either a leaf, bud, or flower.

UlalaCube Pikmin 3 bendable keyholdersEdit

A collection of Pikmin-themed rubbery bendable keyholders were released in Japan by UlalaCube in mid-December of 2013. There are six different types of keyholders, which consist of a leaf Red Pikmin, a bud Blue Pikmin, a flower Yellow Pikmin, a flower Purple Pikmin and leaf White Pikmin, and a flower Winged Pikmin and bud Rock Pikmin, as well as a secret variant which depicts a leaf Red Pikmin, a flower Yellow Pikmin, and a bud Blue Pikmin. All of the keyholders are approximately 10 cm long, and were sold in boxes of twelve, as well as separately at stores in Japan.

Banpresto Pikmin keychainsEdit

These keychains were produced by Banpresto and sold in 2001 in Japan as party favors. There are seven keychains in the set, which consists of a leaf Red Pikmin, a flower Yellow Pikmin, a bud Blue Pikmin, a Mushroom Pikmin, a red pellet, a yellow pellet, and a blue pellet. These were packaged in only five variations as shown below.

Uni Pikmin 2 phone charmsEdit

In 2005, a Japanese pen and pencil company called Uni sold their pencil leads bundled with one of eight Pikmin 2 phone charms. These include Olimar, Louie, a bud Red Pikmin, a flower Yellow Pikmin, a leaf Blue Pikmin, a bud Purple Pikmin, a flower White Pikmin, and a leaf Bulbmin. One could find the phone charm + leads packs in Japanese stores arranged within a display. The phone charms were later sold separately without the pencil leads.