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Pikipedia concerns the Pikmin series, a franchise to which all rights are owned by Nintendo. As such, Pikipedia and its users do not claim to own any part of the series, and do not claim that this wiki is in any way official or otherwise endorsed by Nintendo.

Unless otherwise noted, all official media, from Pikmin and other video game series, and media captured from one of these games by users, is regarded as fair use, with the aim being to make knowledge of the Pikmin universe accessible to anyone. These are clearly marked on their respective pages with a more detailed definition of fair use.


All content, where possible with the above in mind, is made available under a Creative Commons license. This keeps the content free: any redistribution must apply a similar license to it.


Pikipedia is entirely created by users, and can be edited by anyone at any time. Therefore, readers cannot be assured that the content is accurate – but we aim to make it so. It is also probably not complete – but we want to think we're getting there. You can read more about it here.

If you notice an error or something missing, don't go looking for someone else to complain to about it; feel free to click the "edit" tab at the top of the page and fix it yourself. If needed, you can get some help with editing.