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Artwork of a Bulborb from Pikmin 3.

The Bulborb is a common type of enemy in Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 3, and a boss in Hey! Pikmin. It is also called the Spotty Bulborb in Pikmin and the Red Bulborb in Pikmin 2. Bulborbs have a large mouth, eyes on stalks, and a red back with white spots. They are nocturnal creatures, but when there are Pikmin nearby, they will wake up and try to eat the Pikmin. They are often found alongside Dwarf Bulborbs, which are a different species.

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An Empress Bulblax and its swarm of Bulborb Larvae.

A swarm of Bulborb Larvae about to devour Captain Olimar.
May 23rd, 2023
Staff changes! Midnight blue is now a patroller, and Soprano has been promoted to administrator!

April 2nd, 2023
April Fool's! This year, we created Pikcross, a game that you can actually play in your web browser!

February 8th, 2023
Lots of new information about Pikmin 4 has been announced in today's Nintendo Direct!

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