Pikmin is an amazing RTS that I fell in love with when I first played it back in 2003. Later with the release of Pikmin 2, it exceeded my expectations. Pikmin 3 is not only the best graphical Wii U game, but also one of my all time favorites. This series is near and dear to my heart, and I may have never gotten into video games if it weren't for Pikmin.

High Scores: Pikmin (GCN)

Days spent:11

Pikmin grown:346

Pikmin Lost:57

Ship Parts: 30\30

Pikmin (Wii)

Days spent:12

Pikmin grown:413

Pikmin Lost:79

Ship parts: 30\30

Pikmin 2 (GCN)

Days spent (debt) 8

Days spent (treasure) 13

Pikmin Grown (debt) 348

Pikmin Grown (treasure) 772

Pikmin Lost (debt) 0

Pikmin Lost (treasure) 0

Pikmin 2 (wii) Not completed

Pikmin 3 

Days spent: 21

Time Taken:13:50

Pikmin grown(all): 1568

Pikmin remaining:1138

Pikmin lost: 430