I am also an admin of the Chemistry Wikia and the Golden Sun Wikia. I am also an active user on the Fire Emblem Wiki.

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Also, note that I do not have authority over anybody, despite the fact I'm an administrator. I have no more "power" over another user or an IP, just a couple of more tools to work with, and a few more privileges. I cannot do whatever I want, because that could involve abuse, which can be reported to the Wikia staff. If you think I amm doing something wrong, or you have a question, just go to my talk page. If I've blocked you for committing a offense and you would like to appeal, leave it on your talk page.

I suggest converting to the monobook, which can be accessed by any user with an account via preferences. Monobook shows the wiki in a wikipedia-type style instead of an ad-barn.

Hello, and welcome to the pikmin wikia! Since you are looking at my profile, I may as well tell you about this guy in Africa whose mind is whacked up, and is causing suffering to young children in hopes of becoming powerful.

Joseph Kony

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