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  • Parts/Days: 30/12
  • Surviving Pikmin: ?
  • Pikmin Lost: 6 (Beady Long-Legs... Grrrr)

Pikmin 2

  • 10,000 Pokos: Day 6
  • 201 Treasures: Day 13
  • Pikmin Born (Before 201 Treasures): 306
  • Pikmin Born (After 201 Treasures): 500 (100 Flowers of each color)
  • Pikmin Lost: 0

Pikmin 3

  • Total Days: 24
    • Forbidden Oak Unlock: Day 17
    • Forbidden Oak Maze: Day 23 (Entirely)
    • Plasm Wraith Fight: Day 24
  • Number of Fruits: 66
  • Number of Powerups: 4
  • Number of Pikmin:
    • Red:
    • Yellow:
    • Blue:
    • Rock:
    • Winged:
  • Pikmin Lost: 98
    • Red:
    • Yellow:
    • Blue:
    • Rock:
    • Winged:
    • To Plasm Wraith: Zero :D

About Me

Hello, I am PokeminMaster. No one on this wiki should think my username is a mispelling of Pokemon, as this wiki is dedicated to the second half of it (Poke from Pokemon, and min from Pikmin). I am new to this wiki, and I am trying to only make minor edits and changes, as I am not yet fully accustomed to the rules and standards on this wiki (I am used to Fantendo). I really hope to one day make a major contribution to this wiki, but don't we all!?

My Youtube Channel: (I completed a Pikmin Let's Play)

My DeviantART Page: (I have a Pikmin Fan Fiction)

My Gaming Profile

  • Favorite Game: Pikmin (Pikmin 3 if you count unreleased, as I already like it better! :D)
    • Favorite Non-Pikmin Game: Pokemon Black Version 2
  • Favorite Character: Alph
    • Favorite Non-Pikmin Character: Lloyd Irving
  • Favorite Pikmin: Red Pikmin
    • They have the highest attack power in Pikmin (I think that Purples should be weakened, but keep their pound attack. Purples at 1.5x and Reds at 2x would be my ideal attack multipliers)
    • They are immune to fire, a bright, colorful form of plasma
  • Favorite Enemy: Segmented Crawbster
    • It is so vicious and violent, but only has one killing attack, and is easy to dodge
    • It is a challenge to actually kill it, as it takes multiple cycles
  • Custom Pikmin (Before Pikmin 3's E3 presentation):
    • Bat Black: Have bat wings, red eyes, and a throwing distance extended horizontally. Can carry objects over gaps.
    • Icy Blue: No special feature, but breath cold air. They can thaw other Pikmin out quickly, and are immune to ice.
    • Toothed Brown: Have large teeth, and appear beaver-like. They can chew through wood and break gates the fastest.
  • Custom Enemies (Before Pikmin 3's E3 presentation):
    • Elemental Bublaxes (Anode, Watery, Munge, and Icy): Act like the Fiery Bublax in their own elements. The Watery Bublax is really an enlarged Dumpling with legs, but still no eyes.
    • Slib: A small, wormlike creature that just slithers along the ground. It cannot harm your Pikmin, but it can and will distract them. Only its head can be attacked.
    • Dark Breadbug: A Breadbug with a black body. It has visible fangs, has a red nest, and attempts to drag stuff into its hole. Two of them can fight each other for the same object, and they will also gobble up any Pikmin that try to steal it from them. Only found in deep caves.
    • Red Wollywog: A vibrantly-colored Wollywog with massive power; it hops at a much faster rate, and takes less time to fall. It is quite rare, and even more rarely found in water.
    • Crush Claw: A cat-like creature that cannot be easily damaged; you must throw a Purple Pikmin on each of its paws so it falls onto its stomach. Its head can then be attacked.
    • Vampire Breadbug: A Giant Breadbug-like creature with a black body and red face. It will drag living creatures smaller than it (Carry Weight) and treasures into its den, and will gobble any Pikmin that try to steal the objects it carries. Found in the bowels of the Earth.
    • Boxy Short-Legs: A small, miniboss fought early on. It has a cubicle body, and its main body rests just above Olimar's helmet.


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