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Welcome! We're really glad you decided to help out on Pikipedia. You can start right away: if you see any little thing that could be improved, work on it! We appreciate any kind of constructive edit, from a humble typo fix to an entirely new page.

How to edit[edit]

Information you should know to edit on Pikipedia.


If you're new to wikis, we have some pages that will help you understand how everything works.


If you're comfortable with editing wikis, we ask you to please read Pikipedia's policies and guidelines, so that all articles can be consistent and high quality.

Getting help[edit]

If you have any question, beginner or advanced, there are a few easy ways to get answers:

  • Ask on the live chatroom. Please wait a few minutes for someone to reply!
  • Ask on the help desk.
  • For more general help, go here.

What to do[edit]

There are two main ways to help Pikipedia. You can either read articles, and contribute with improvements (rewording a sentence, adding an image, performing a tagged task, suggesting an idea on the talk page, etc.), or you can pick something from the list of tasks and start working on it:

Other helpful links[edit]

  • Sandbox – our sandbox. You can freely write here to test stuff before putting it on important pages.
  • About Pikipedia – information about our wiki, which should help understand our goals better.