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I rate it 4/5 stars, since I played it through in less than 6 hours. although I didn't get the happy ending in the Gamecube version, I did in this version, and I was surprised to see the enemy roll! the enemy roll is the exact same: check out the cursor and texturing and the cursors staying still, you see any resemblance? I was glad that Challenge mode was the same, I prefer it over Pikmin 2's challenge mode. the controls were difficult to master, I actually turned my knee into a stand so I could keep the remote from freaking out. Pikmin 2 Wii (hopefully releasing soon) will be better I believe, since the learning curve, even if it takes forever, will not affect the ending of the game (since there is no different endings). I never really loved Pikmin 1, but when I played the Wii version, I had mixed feelings, like Happiness for getting all 30 parts, Anger for the control concept, and other feelings. I'm not bashing Pikmin Wii, there's just some things they could have added or removed to make it simpler for first time Pikmin players. I thank the Pikmin gods that I rented. ReplayTy 03:34, 12 June 2009 (UTC) P.S. Don't think I hated playing it, it was fun! can't wait for Pikmin 2 Wii!