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Now I have a question, and this info will be stored at PikAssist™ HQ.(Please do not ask question about the HQ unless you have a ROBLOX account.)

The question is about the Dwarf Bulborbs in the Breadbug family. Wouldn't one, like me, say that Dwarf Red Bulborbs have some kind of connection with Red Bulborbs, as they look the same, Dwarf Red Bulborbs are usually found near Bulborbs, and Dwarf Red Bulborbs sometimes squeal to wake up the Bulborb? This goes the same to Orange Bulborbs and Snow Bulborbs. Hairy Bulborbs, when they lose their hair, look like bigger Snow Bulborbs, and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs look exactly like their parent. Dwarf Bulbears are related to Spotty Bulbears.

So, isn't it true that the Dwarf Bulborbs have a connection with Bulborbs, related or not? Tarantulian

What do you mean by connection exactly? I mean, yeah, they evolved to look like Bulborbs so they could blend in, they didn't just happen to look like them from the start and wander into their territory. It's also probable that they're somewhat closely related - I mean, you'll never see a frog that tries to mimic a bird, but there's a spider which mimics an ant - they just aren't in the same family. —Jimbo Jambo

I know about the ant-mimicing spider. Dwarf Bulborbs do have a connection in my eyes with Bulborbs. Tarantulian

The only thing that connects them is their looks and partially behaviour. No other relation. You can consider it some sort of connection, yes...--Prezintenden