Rarely Seen Cell Logs icon.
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Hey! Pikmin. × 100
Weight N/A
Maximum carriers N/A
Location Over Wintry Mountains

The Rarely Seen Cell is one of a few battery-type treasures found in Hey! Pikmin. It is green and fat, and the same size as the Grown-Up Dynamo. Olimar's description of the item seems noticeably inaccurate, stating it was located within a crystal cave, notably different from finding it being carried through the air during a fast-paced mountain descent in Over Wintry Mountains, although it could be implied that the Coppeller carrying the treasure found it in a cave.

Collecting the treasureEdit

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Roughly midway into the level as Olimar is following the giant snowball, a second large Coppeller appears, holding the treasure, much like The Real Magic from earlier in the level. Also like that treasure, when defeated, the large Coppeller drops the treasure into the middle of the screen, and it cannot be picked up by the Winged Pikmin, so Olimar himself must collect the treasure before it falls off of the ledge further down.


Hey! Pikmin logs

This curious energy cell was in a crystal cave. I'm glad that the Winged Pikmin were there to help me get it. When I return to Hocotate, I may write a book to show my gratitude. I'll title it "Olimar's Outlandish Adventure"!


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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Dutch Zeldzame cilinder Rare cylinder
  French Pile insolite Unusual battery
  German Dicke Walze Thick Cylinder
  Italian Batteria straordinaria Extraordinary battery
  Spanish (NoA) Generador extraordinario Extraordinary generator
  Spanish (NoE) Dinamo ecológica Ecological dynamo

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