Grown-Up Dynamo

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Value Sparklium icon.png × 200
Weight 9
Maximum carriers 9 Pikmin
Location Crystal Tunnels

The Everyday Cell is a treasure in Hey! Pikmin. It is a big, red and silver-colored battery with the word "HIGHPOWER" written on it. It is about three times the width of Captain Olimar, about the same height as him, and is the same size as another fat battery treasure, the Rarely Seen Cell. Despite "Highpower" being a company in the real world, the battery does not resemble any product that that company sells. It can be found in the Crystal Tunnels area.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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Right after the crystal headbutt cutscene, the player can see the treasure above them. In order to retrieve it, Olimar just has to climb up a vine, without destroying the crystal standing before it. If the crystal is destroyed, the player can still get to the treasure with the jetpack, although it will be more difficult.


Hey! Pikmin logs

This might have once been a little cell but has grown into a plump dynamo. Remarkable! It makes me think of growing older—though I hope that when I'm our president's age, I'm not like him at all. He's so selfish.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Volgroeide cilinder Full-grown cylinder
Flag of France.svg French Pile adulte Adult battery
Flag of Germany.svg German Opa-Walze Grandpa cylinder
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Batteria adulta Adult battery
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Dinamo peligrosa Dangerous dynamo

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