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What I do when I'm bored

Greetings, I am GreenPikmin. I'm a huge fan of the series and have data mined most of the games. I also am a fan of the Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokémon series and occasionally edit their wikis as well.

Some projects I have worked on in the past:


  • Challenge mode breakdowns
  • Internal enemy names and technical data

Pikmin 2

  • e-Reader information
  • Ujadani research
  • Japanese-only treasures
  • Piklopedia details
  • Candypop bud information
  • Challenge mode breakdowns
  • Treasure hoard specific info

Pikmin 3

  • Fruit details and parameters
  • Juice color hex values
  • Mission mode/bingo battle details

Pikmin 4

  • Treasure params and statistics
  • Candypop Bud locations/behavior
  • Area treasure and obstacle listings
  • Glow Pikmin and night mission info
  • Wild Pikmin distribution in caves
  • Random Pikmin/enemy/treasure trivia

About Me

A trophy of Captain Olimar and two Pikmin.
This trophy is the whole reason I'm here

I like to write a lot and decided I want to include my history with Pikmin here. I got into gaming during the N64/GBC era (mainly due to the Pokémon craze at the time) and got a GameCube in 2002. One of my first games for it was Super Smash Bros. Melee and I became obsessive about collecting every trophy. I had been eyeing Pikmin in stores as I had been aware of how it unlocks the Captain Olimar trophy in the game. My dad caught onto this and got me a copy of it for Christmas.

Initially I didn’t enjoy Pikmin and couldn’t get very far through The Forest of Hope before quitting. Eventually I came back to it upon being introduced to Action Replay and cheated my way through the game, but still fell in love with it despite ruining the fun. After that I played through the game again for real and became an expert, accomplishing zero death, low day, and low Pikmin challenge runs. Since then I’ve loved and mastered every sequel.

Along with Pokémon and other series, I developed a habit of keeping detailed spreadsheets of everything in the game in the years before I had internet. I often replayed games with specific plans for team setups or orders in which I did things, which required a lot of organizing. This greatly helped me to learn Microsoft Excel and eventually study data science. I’m now a data analyst for a chain of grocery stores you’ve likely shopped at, and I have Pikmin to thank for my career.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my edits and I'll be more than happy to answer!