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Hey guys I'm Nvortex, I am super fan of the Pikmin series and joined this wiki to help people find Pikmin information, I was originally a member in Pikmin Wikia until the merge.

There is no end though there is a start in space. -- Infinity.

It has own power, it ruins, and it goes though there is a start also in the star. ---Finite.

Only the person who was wisdom can read the most foolish one from the history.

The fish that lives in the sea doesn't know the world in the land. It also ruins and goes if they have wisdom.

It is funnier that man exceeds the speed of light than fish start living in the land.

It can be said that this is an final ultimatum from the god to the people who can fight.

My Pikmin ideas

Weather conditions

Weather conditions can be purely cosmetical or can affect gameplay to a certain degree. You are able to see the current weather in an area from space but there is also a marker in the area selection indicating the current weather:

Sunny Day: No effect.

Cloudy Day: No effect.

Drizzle: No effect.

Snowy Day: No effect.

Heat wave: Pikmin have random chance to catch on fire. Red pikmin are stronger, there are more fire enemies and they are stronger. The following day, water bodies are lowered.

Rainy day: Pikmin have a random change to catch a water drop. Blue pikmin are stronger, almost no fire enemies. The following day, water bodies are higher.

Windy day: Pikmin have a random change to be blown away a little, Winged pikmin are blown the ferthest and Purple pikmin are immune to it, no flying enemies are found this day, Winged pikmin can't fly too high and won't try getting objects too high up.

Snow storm: Effects similar to the windy day but the next day there are areas covered in snow making land higher in some parts, water bodies are frozen.

Electromagnetic storm: Caused by the planet's strong magnetic field and constant tectonic movements, the static electricity of the area rises considerably high. This weather is the most interesting of all: there are random chances for 3 different effects: ・Everything has a chance to remain stuck to the ground for some seconds including enemies, Leaders, Pikmin and treasures.

・Everything has a change to start floating including enemies, Leaders, Pikmin and treasures.

・An electromagnetic pulse that paralyzes the whole squad, visually it looks like an electric wave coming from the sky or the ground.

Yellow pikmin and captains with the Anti-Electrifier suit upgrade are immune to this effects. Yellow pikmin are stronger, there are more electric enemies, electric enemies are stronger, non-instakill electricity turns instakill. Electric gates are jammed. The spatial representation of this weather looks like a cloudy day with thunders and auroras.

Snavian migration: This weather effect lasts for 2 days, there are several snagrets throughout the area and this is the only time where you get to see Burrowing Snarrows and baby Snagrets, you can also encounter Pileated Snagrets. This day is perfect for flowering since there are several nectar eggs in some sections, Snagrets keep spawning for the span of those 2 days, the day after the migration ends, several eggs can still be found.

Infestation: Bug enemies, especially mandiblards are predominant for 3 to 5 days.

Chemical precipitation: Caused by an unkown event in the planet's past, on certain times chemicals start leaking from certain areas. Wither effect for the whole day meaning that pikmin become progressively slower and weaker once certain time passes, you can check the level of withering by looking at their antenna wich turns darker and darker until it turns completely brown and the pikmin dies, ultra-spicy sprays and nectar drops are insta-heals, if 7 minutes pass, all of your sick pikmin will die. Enemies that are normally found in the field are now hiding in caves and only certain bug enemies are seen outside in their usual spots, plant enemies start with a portion of their health gone. The spatial representaion of this weather looks like brown clouds over the area. The day after, all plants are dead (cosmetical change only).

Sporovid spread:The reproduction cycle of the Sporovids begin, they separate from the colonies and start spreading their spores. Fungi enemies appear, not only Puffstools but enemies infected by the Puffstool are also present. The enemies being controlled by the nearby Puffstool have a larger range of vision making them more dangerous, all Bulborbs are already awake because the fungi don't let them sleep and Puffstools have an army of Puffmin with them, said Puffmin can't be saved because they have been infected for a while, it can also infect the Pikmin in your squad. There is also a new kind of Puffstool: White Puffstools, they are smaller versions of the Puffstool which explode and release spores when they die turning your Pikmin into Puffmin, even if the cap in the Pikmin's head is white, they will still controlled by the red Puffstool. This condition lasts for 2 days but you can stop it by killing all fungi enemies.

New Mechanics

Withering: This is a new hazard for the lack of a better word, Pikmin inflicted with withering become slower and weaker, visually, it looks like their leaf/bud/flower is turning brown until they die (7 minutes later). This is inflicted by withering blowhogs and some other enemies but it can also be found in certain caves or waters which adds, in a way, a time limit. One level of withering lasts for 1.5 minutes. Ultra-Spicy Sprays and Nectar instantly heal Pikmin suffering from withering, this is extremely useful in contaminated caves/ponds since there will be some time consuming tasks and waiting for the pikmin to heal and then return can take a lot of time. One blow from a Withering Blowhog equals to one level of withering.

Mutagens(Work In Progress): Mutagens are a new type of object that Onions can absorb to change the body structure of the Pikmin, for instance, when the onion absorbs the mutagen which can be either a part of a special enemy or some kind of berry, if sent by a red pikmin it makes all the red pikmin inside it turn into special pikmin for that day/for some time. Once the mutagen is absorbed, the onion turns every Red Pikmin inside it special, every mutant Pikmin on the field remains a mutant until its stored in the onion once the mutagen wears off.

Mutant Pikmin:TBA

My Pikmin theories

The Pikmin life cycle

How I think the Pikmin work is like this: The Onion first sprouts a Pikmin seed, as evidenced by the Pluckaphone we can confirm that Pikmin can dig themselves out so no need for a leader to unpluck them. After the Pikmin is born, it starts a soldier-worker stage where they protect the Onion and also bring it food. The Onion uses part of the nutrients to make more Pikmin and speed up the food gathering process but it also uses them to feed the Pikmin once they are stored in a liquid form inside it. Since the only thing Pikmin can eat is nectar, and said nectar is hard to come by because it's sought by small bugs and only a maximum of 10 Pikmin can drink 1 dose, Pikmin are completely dependant on the Onion to feed them the nutrients they need.

The Pikmin then enter their parasitic stage in which they take host of a creature that decides to eat them. Once eaten, they bury their rootlike limbs into the nervous system of the host and infusing it with natural hormonal excretions, they are able to control virtually all of the host's bodily functions. Of course, I’m talking about the Bulbmin. (The smaller versions of Bulbmin are infact the offsprings of a pregnant Bulborb which was infected and gave birth to already infected Bulborbs.)

Once the bodily functions of the host start to decay, the Bulbmin will search for a good place to make a hole and die on it, serving as a pot for the next stage, the Candypop Bud stage. Before dying, the Bulbmin look for a place where many smalll bugs can be found or where pollinators could be deceived on trying to pollinate them and eat them. Candypop Buds prey on insects that are lured by its aromatic scents which they release when an insect gets near, since they only open their petals once a creature gets near them, the scent is so concentrated that most creatures can't resist it and they try to eat the flower/gather it's nectar. Candypop Buds can also produce their own Pikmin to assist on their growth stage, they create them to both protect itself and to gather more food than the one it would normally get by staying still, however, since they can't house them like an Onion, the Pikmin usually die because they don't find nectar to keep them alive or have a place to hide at night and are eaten by nocturnal predactors. Saying that Pikmin turn into a different color when thrown into a Candypop Bud is actually wrong, the Pikmin are eaten by the candypop bud and “in exchange” it gives you another kind of Pikmin.

After enough nutrients are gathered, the Candypop Bud turns into a Queen Candypop Bud which is the last stage of the Candypop Bud stage, the reason as to why the Queen Candypop Bud is constantly changing color is because it shares the same genetic code of same colored flower Pikmin, meaning that white Queen Candypop Bud was once either a Red, Blue or Yellow Pikmin. A pink colored Queen Candypop Bud with white or purple spots means that it was once either a White or Purple Pikmin and so on. The Candypop Bud in its last moments will produce 10 Pikmin from the color it was marking in an attempt to keep the population up while the Candypop Bud is developing underground. After its petals wither, it starts growing underground the fruit we know as an Onion.

The Onion is the last stage of the Pikmin growth, this is what Pikmin really are, their seed form is just that, a seed, if they manage to fully mature they turn into an Onion which can produce even more Pikmin and also house its offsprings inside it, giving them a place to live until they are ready to proceed to their next stage and repeat the process.


PNF-404 is the biggest anomaly ever, and there are some explanations as to what could have happened for it to turn like that and to why humans are dead.

Nuclear fallout: Olimar mentions that the Geiger Counter is constantly ticking and buzzing so we could assume that the end of the world was caused by a nuclear war which made humans and most of the species in the planet die or mutate into something completely different. (every other questions like geographic discrepancies aren’t explained)

No moon: if there was no moon, the Earth would sometimes tilt all the way over and lie on its side in relation to its orbit around the Sun. This would make for extreme differences between temperatures and daylight throughout the year. And days would be shorter. At other times the Earth’s axis would be straight up and down, making night and day equally long, year round, and there would be no seasons. There would be periods with more extreme weather, and bigger differences between winter and summer. Sound familiar?

counterargument: In Pikmin 1 Olimar mentions the planet having a moon. the Pikmin 3 intro cutscene reveals the planet having a moon.

The Plasm Wraith

The Plasm Wraith is one of the most interesting enemies in all of the Pikmin history, the only downside is that we don’t have an explanation as to what it is and what its purpose, so the only thing we can do is theorize about it:

What is the Plasm Wraith?

The Plasm Wraith as an organic life-form: In the Spanish version is revealed that the Plasm Wraith is composed of protoplasm in the first Exploration Note regarding the creature, which leads many people to believe that its something like a Portuguese man o' war which is a actually colony of specialized individuals called zooids. The Plasm Wraith is a superorganism formed of mitochondria and many different types of bacteria specialized in different functions but the most important of them are the gold “producing” ones.

To be more precise, the: Cupriavidus/Ralstonia metallidurans and/or the Delftia acidovorans:

This following material is copy pasted because I wouldn’t be able to give better explanations, if you don’t care about this you can skip it but it’s interesting anyways:

This bacterium’s high number of heavy metal resistance genes and ability to thrive in toxic environments make it an important model organism in studying the mechanisms by which diverse microbes deal with heavy metal stress. C. metallidurans is also able to precipitate solid gold from aqueous gold (III) tetrachloride, which is a potent heavy metal toxin to most organisms.

C. metallidurans is also able to reduce nitrate, but not nitrite. C. metallidurans is unable to grow on glucose, fructose, or galactose because it lacks sufficient glucose uptake systems. It can, however, produce energy by assimilating some acidic sugar-derivatives which, via a chain of pathways, will end up producing two molecules of pyruvate each to feed in to the TCA cycle or other related cycles. When organic carbon sources are unattainable, C. metallidurans can become autotrophic by fixing and reducing CO2 to synthesize organic molecules, and has the capacity to oxidize inorganic sulfur compounds as well as hydrogen gas to obtain electrons.

When placed in an environment containing aqueous Gold (III) chloride, this bacterium reduces the complex – by a mechanism yet to be fully understood – leading to the precipitation of solid gold nanoparticles within or outside the cell.

Real life bacteria information ends here.

The Formidable Oak is a place with high concentrations of Gold chloride on its ground, the Plasm Wraith instead of getting rid of the gold, it uses it to improve communications between bacteria using gold infused bacterial nanowires and to lure animals who are attracted to shiny objects by moving to the highest spot in the termite mounds that were once the home of different animals until the Plasm Wraith invaded them, eating the creatures and the gold chloride found in the territory. The cube found inside the Wraith serves as the brain or the core, controlling the bacteria now called plasm. Depending on its shape, it dictates what order to do: the plain cube makes the plasm turn into a translucid substance which is used to absorb its prey. The patterned cubes give orders to alter their composition to turn into a solid, a liquid, to increase electrical currents, to increase temperature. The Plasm Wraith can separate pieces of its plasm making them turn into what was once the creatures that thrived in the zone or ordering them to turn into an Elemental Plasm. If the core is destroyed, the communication between the plasm is disrupted and it remains as a puddle until it can be reassimilated by the current alpha. The Plasm Wraith could be called a bacterial nervous system capable of learning. The Plasm Wraith was attracted to Olimar because it was holding the Cosmic Drive Key which emitted a signal that attracted the Plasm Wraith/the Cosmic Drive Key released energy which the wraith was attracted to. The Plasm Wraith uses electromagnetic signals to communicate over long distances. By using this same signals the Plasm Wraith was able to make the S.S. Drake and the Hocotate Ship fail. The Plasm Wraith has the ability to float for a brief period of time using the magnetism from the arena and by creating his own magnetic field to repel the one he is standing on.

The Plasm Wraith as an inorganic life-form: this theory is much simpler and knowing there is mechanical symbiosis it doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it sounds:

The Plasm Wraith is a mass of self-replicating nanobots that are able to modify their structure making them able to liquefy, solidify, increase electrical currents, increase temperature, emit signals, shape shift, gain a magnetic field. The Plasm Wraith has a thin layer of nanobots in PNF-404 making him able to make space ship fails. The Plasm Wraith was attracted to Olimar because the Cosmic Drive Key he was holding emitted energy that it was attracted to. The cubes serves as the core and once they are destroyed the communication between them is disrupted.

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