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  • Games:Pikmin 2 , New Play Control! Pikmin
  • Favorite Pikmin(species):P2:Purple.P1:Red
  • Favorite Creature:P2:Water Wraith/Breadbug.P1:Smokey Progg
  • Most Annoying Creature:P2:Bulborb Larva/Adult Bulbear.P1:???
  • My Talk Page

'*Time Bubble-The temporal existance around a given object.

Did you know?

  • There are exactly 39 Genuses in Pikmin 2?
  • That the total of all the Treasures Pokos in Pikmin 2(NTSC) is 26,985?



Genetic name:Granitus inferi.Family:Lithopod Common name:Fiery Cannon Beetle Louie's notes:Roast over open flame until shell is crispy and slightly dark.Either remove shell and eat insides or eat with shell attached.Goes well with dipping sauce. Olimar's notes:A unique species in the Lithopod family having the ability to spit heated rocks.There are not many other differences between it and others of its family save for its color(a deep purple with yellow bands on abdomen) and heated spewing.

Genetic name:Pseudoarachnia paroculus Common name:Bulby Long Legs Olimar's notes:An amazing example of convergent evolution.This species of Arachnorb has evolved to look like an Orange Bulborb.Though it doesn't completely look like an Orange Bulborb it is enough to fool most animals.Another strange thing is this is one of the only Arachnorb so far observed exhibiting visibal eyes. Louie's notes:Cut off legs and deep fry.Roast body on a skillet with Honeywisp eggs for a minute or so at high heat.Remove from skillet and enjoy with crispy legs.

Proggus proggus-Smoky Progg genetics. Proggus mamutis-Mamuta genetics. Both in Pikiphilidae family(literally meaning "Pikmin lover").

Pikminia auratus-genetic name for yellow pikmin.Pikminia pyrophilis-genetic name for red pikmin.Pikminia amphibias-genetic name for blue pikmin.Pikminia robustus-genetics for purple pikmin.Pikminia albino-genetics for white pikmin.White and Purple Pikmin have Onions that resemble large three lipped flytrap like being.White and Purple Pikmin drop pellets and bodies in front of the 'trap' while it uses its roots to pick up the bodies/pellets into the 'trap'.At the end of the day they bury themselves in the ground and wait.

Genetic name:Pikminia umbras Common name:Black Pikmin Olimar's notes:A strange species of Pikmin.Unlike other Pikmin which are diurnal this species is nocturnal.It has many unusual characteristics such as black color,white reflective eyes,and small horns on its head.Also unlike other Pikmin its flower and bulb are a deep red. Louie's notes:Olimar has forbade me for eating any of the Pikmin.

Genetic name:Pikminia olimarii Common name:Olimin Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Pikminia kronosia Common name:Silver Pikmin Olimar's notes:A strange,new species of Pikmin.This species exhibits slight temporal control having the ability to speed and slow time.While attacking enemies they decrease the time bubble* pressure around the enemy.They are quite weak in comparison to other species.They have deep red flowers and bulbs.They have what appears to be a third eye on their forehead. Louie's notes:Olimar has forbade me from eating Pikmin.

Genetic name:Mandarachnia gargantium horribilis Common name:Terrible Titan Dweevil Olimar's notes:This subspecies exhibits the ability to actually attack other creatures by using their claws along with its carried weapons.It is uknown why this subspecies evolved though it is surmised it evolved to better protect its species.The natural Titan Dweevil has now been classified as Mandarachnia gargantium gargantium. Louie's notes:Same method to cook as regular Titan Dweevils.

Genetic name:Protoscarpanica vulgaris Family-Scarpanid Common name:Proto-Snitch Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Flotillum xiphalia Common name:Skewrigibug Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Dionaea sententia family:Carniplant Common name:Snap-Snap Plant Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Pseudoarachnia navaronia combustica Common name:Flame-at-Legs Olimar's notes:A subspecies of the Man-at-Legs.It exhibits a flame throwing device instead of the machine gun on the Man-at-Legs.It is larger and has dark red body plating. Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Proggus tyrannis rex Common name:Tyrant Progg Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Proggus tyrannis vulgaris Common name:Tiny Tyrant Progg Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:

Genetic name:Shiropedes viperii Common name:Pit Snagret Olimar's notes: Louie's notes:




Level#-Crash Site/first level

  • water= l
  • land= (
  • cave=*
  • boundry=/.\
  • onion=^
  • ship=#