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Pikmin 3 icon.png
Koppai, as depicted in the Japanese Pikmin Direct.

Koppai is the home planet of Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, the leaders in Pikmin 3.

The growing population of Koppai lusts heavily for eatables, and sub-par planning of the production necessary to sustain such a lifestyle eventually leads to a food shortage. The premise of Pikmin 3 revolves around the fact that the aforementioned leaders are sent out on a mission to retrieve food that can be found on PNF-404. The seeds of any aliment found on PNF-404 will be sent back to Koppai, in order to cultivate it there and stop the shortage.

Koppai is 279,000 light-years away from PNF-404, possibly being an extragalactic planet, and has only a third of PNF-404's oxygen percentage. Accordingly, if PNF-404 is assumed to be Earth, Koppai would have an atmosphere that consists of roughly 7% oxygen. Brittany hypothesizes that the higher oxygen ratio is what allows the life-forms of the Pikmin Planet to grow to such, comparatively, large sizes. It is assumed that the giant insects that lived in the Permian only grew to their size due to the greater amounts of oxygen in the air during that time, which would support her theory.

A data file left by Olimar and later found by the leaders mentions Hocotate. Whichever leader is active at the moment the file is retrieved will then recall that Hocotate is a planet a few solar systems away from Koppai with a population that is interested in monetary gains rather than food. Olimar is simply referred to as a man that must love his family very much or has a lot of time to kill. While a vague description, the idea that the people of Hocotate and Koppai are unfamiliar with each other or even different species entirely seems unlikely. Given the leaders' equipment in-game, it seems that oxygen is as poisonous to them as it is to the Hocotatians, which, apart from the obvious physical similarities between the two peoples, shows a further common feature.


  • The name "Koppai" comes from Nintendo's founding name, "Nintendo Koppai", back when they were still a card company.

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