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Reworking Pikipedia's artwork categorization system[edit]

Over the last few days in the Pikcord, there has been a discussion on how we could improve the way we categorize artwork images on Pikipedia, and various proposals have come out of this discussion.

Firstly, this category is currently called "Category:Concept art". This is not a very good name for the category, as the term "concept art" in a game context generally refers to art produced during a game's development to illustrate early designs for something. Very few of the images in this category are actually concept art, with most of them being general artworks, either made to promote a game or to illustrate the final version of something in it. For this reason, I think this category should be renamed to "Category:Artwork". This would require changes to Template:File info and other templates for categorizing images, and would require editing hundreds of file pages (preferably with a bot), but it would be worth it. Then, a new concept art category could be created to contain the images that are actually concept art.

Renaming this category wouldn't fix the fact that's it's quite disorganized though. Currently it contains 837 images in one big list, making it hard to find a specific piece of art. For that reason, it would be ideal if the category was split by game, type of artwork, or both. Categories were created a few months ago for promotional artwork from each game, but there are barely any images in them. Someone would need to go through every artwork image to add more specific categories to each one, and Trig Jegman and I have expressed interest in doing this. We still haven't worked out exactly how we'd like to categorize the images, but game-specific categories for general artwork, computer renderings, artwork involving photography, clay art, flat vector art, concept art, boxart, and wallpapers would probably be a good way to do it.

It's likely we're going to start making these changes soon; I'm just writing this here for future reference. — Soprano(talk) 22:53, February 23, 2023 (EST)