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A file was recently uploaded to the wiki that appeared to show some kind of Badge system for users. Is this screenshot a holdover from before the Wikia split? Or does Pikipedia proper use some kind of Badge system to incentivize editors? Image in question attached below. i broke the wiki i didn't mean to do anything

Thanks in advance. -- AmnesiacUser avatar for User:Amnesiacjournal.Journal 16:37, February 24, 2023 (EST)

Wasn't "recently" uploaded as much as I just happened to edit its license. It was originally ported from Pikmin Wikia, yes. Long out of date. Trig - 21:55, February 24, 2023 (EST)
Gotcha. Thanks again for the reply. --

AmnesiacUser avatar for User:Amnesiacjournal.Journal 14:15, February 25, 2023 (EST)