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What about it?[edit]

Pikmin have been known to trip and fall face first in both Pikmin games, and stumble in Pikmin 2 due to possible using the C control constantly in different dirrections. The number of Pikmin falling in Pikmin was higher in the first game, and often the Pikmin lagged behind. Meaning if your escaping an enemy with pikmin that can just barely keep up, the ones that stumble and trip will more likely get caught by the creature. To notice a pikmin stumble, you usually see the outside one go farther, they though catch up a second later. And for pikmin who trip, look for a leaf or something stop, or look behind you, as tripping takes about a 7 second delay.

Note: seeing pikmin fall is rare in Pikmin 2, but seeing them stumble is very commom, especially when wildely command pikmin to sudddenly change directions, like left to right, to left with a second delay.

This was suppose to be an article. I made it before I ever registered. Learner2 22:45, 18 February 2008 (UTC)