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The purpose of the forum is to focus general discussions of the Pikipedia into one area, so that they are easy to follow. It consists of two forums: the Help Desk and the Watercooler. The Help Desk can be used to ask questions about either Pikipedia or the Pikmin games, while the Watercooler is an area for discussing anything concerning the running of the site.

Discussions about Pikmin fanon are more appropriate at our sister wiki, Pikmin Fanon. Chat about the Pikmin series in general is covered at NIWA's Pikmin forum.

To create a topic at either of the forums here, type the name of it into the "Add New Topic" box and click "Add New Topic". From there, enter your comment, sign it with ~~~ or ~~~~ and press "Save" at the bottom of the page. Forum pages work like normal talk pages.