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Every page on Pikipedia has an associated talk page which can be reached via the "Discussion" link at the top of the page. The purpose of these talk pages is to discuss the article or its subject matter; in the case of user talk pages, they are used as a means of communication between users that has no particular bearing to any one page. For general discussion of the wiki or the Pikmin series, use the wiki forums or shared forums, respectively, instead of any ones talk page.


  • Topicality is relaxed, but still relatively important. Try to stay on the topic of the article. For lots of conversations that would fill up the recent changes, use the NIWA forums or the chatroom.
  • New discussions should have a new header (preferably level two, added via ==header==) to separate them. Alternatively, click the "Add topic" button at the top of the page.
  • All posts should be signed with the user's signature and optional time/date. This is done using ~~~ or ~~~~ to include the date. To create a custom signature, see the tutorial at Help:FAQ. Signatures should:
    • Be small and on the same line as the comment.
    • Be short when viewed while editing; if necessary, use a template.
    • Not contain many images, if any; these should be small.
    • Avoid animation of any kind.
    • Contain a link to the user's user page or talk page.
  • Replies to other users' comments should be indented one step further than theirs by starting each paragraph with the right number of : characters. Reduce the indent back to zero if it becomes too large.
  • Don't edit comments made by other users.

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