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Various licensed Pikmin calendars.

Club Nintendo calendars[edit]

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Club Nintendo had a tradition of releasing yearly calendars. Many of these had Pikmin pages present.

  • The 2008 calendar had Pikmin 2 on the November 2008 page.
  • The 2009 calendar had Pikmin on the May 2009 page.
  • The 2010 calendar had Pikmin 2 on the June 2010 page. This calendar was the reward to gold Club Nintendo members.
  • The 2012 calendar had Pikmin 2 on the April 2012 page.
  • The 2013 calendar had Pikmin 3 on the May 2013 page.
  • The 2014 calendar had Pikmin 3 on the June 2014 page, as well as Super Smash Bros. representation featuring Olimar on the May page.

2002 game calendar postcards[edit]

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Nintendo Dream released a set of calendar postcards in Japan for the year 2002. The January and June postcards were themed around Pikmin.

Pikmin 3 planner[edit]

A Pikmin 3-themed planner was released by Ensky in 2013. It was not specific for a certain year, so it could be used at any time. The planner also came with a sheet of stickers intended to be used for decorating the included planner. The dimensions are 175x90mm.

Pikmin 3 2014 calendar[edit]

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In late 2013, Ensky released a Pikmin 3-themed 2014 stand-up desk calendar. It contains 14 pages, 12 for each month, one for the cover, and one for the overview of all the months.