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Some Pikmin cards have been released.

e-Reader cards[edit]

Nintendo released a series of e-reader cards (called e+ cards in Japan), which feature Pikmin characters and enemies. The cards can be used to unlock levels of mini-games within Japanese copies of Pikmin 2 by connecting your Gameboy Advance and e-reader to you're gamecube. A binder for holding the e+ cards was also released.

The main set contains 60 cards spread across 12 packs with 5 cards in each pack. There are 20 red cards, 20 blue cards, and 20 yellow cards. There were also a few promo cards which were released. Three of the Promo cards, including Olimar, Louie, and the President, were given out with every copy of Pikmin 2 in Japan. Two cards with given out in weekly issues of Japanese gaming magazine Famistu, and another was given out in the official Pikmin 2 Strategy guide. Six cards were given out via Club Nintendo, and are the rarest cards in the set. The complete set of cards totals to 72 cards. A card binder was released with the Famitsu Cube + Advance magazine July 2004 issue as an appendix, which can hold the complete set of cards.

AR cards[edit]

There were 3 Pikmin-themed 3DS AR cards released along with e-shop cards. The cards are able to show 3D animated Pikmin models on the camera picture of a 3DS. There was also a Pikmin-themed AR card featured with the other 6 3DS AR cards that come with every 3DS.

Pikmin 3 collectible card packs[edit]

(ピクミン3グミ?) These packs were released by Takara Tomy Arts and come packaged with Pikmin cards and a cider flavored gummy candy. They were released on September 17th, 2013 in Japan only. Each pack came with 3 cards, and there are 20 cards in all.