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Possible Arachnorb?[edit]

Yes, I know it's different then the Aracnorbs, but It does have similarities. Currently as far as we know, there are two spider families, Aracnorbs and Dweevils. according to the other Aracnorb articles, (with the exception of the Raging) Like the Arachnode, it's Japenise name includes Ball Spider, not only that Arachnode, is almost spelled the same as Arachnorb! Futhermore, when Idle it resembles an orb like the Man At Legs does when Idle (before awakened) one drawback to this theory is that the Arachnode spins webs, something Arachnorbs can't do. But then there's the question of the webs in Beady and Raging's arena, So perhaps, either Archnodes are up there, and they share with Arachnorbs, or perhaps maybe, just maybe, Arachnodes are baby Arachnorbs? Perhaps something similar to how Bulborb Larvae, have a different genus then the adult? Of course..... the Arachnode could be posing as an Arachnorb, like the dwarf bulborbs...... Pikmin Theories (talk) 10:29, 23 February 2017 (EST)