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Pikmin 4[edit]

In Olimar's Shipwreck Tale there are two ship parts that are just named "Ionium Jet". How do we cover this when the article for them is split between #1 Ionium Jet and #2 Ionium Jet? 14:12, August 27, 2023 (EDT)

We can tell which is which by looking at which side each jet goes on when collected. -Ninpan
Sounds like an alright solution, assuming the game actually distinguishes the two and doesn't place them in a set order regardless of which one you grabbed first. Someone will have to carefully replay the mode to test that. I can state that on my first playthrough, the jet from the Sun-Speckled Terrace ended up on the ship's port side (same place as the #2 jet from Pikmin 1). 02:40, August 28, 2023 (EDT)
We discussed this on the Pikcord, and we've decided to have an "Ionium Jet" article that will cover the Pikmin 4 ship parts, and the existing "#1 Ionium Jet" and "#2 Ionium Jet" articles will continue to cover the parts in Pikmin. It's not a neat solution but it's the most correct way to cover this. — Soprano(talk) 03:03, August 28, 2023 (EDT)
If it indeed doesn't depend on which is collected first, I think it would be nice to state which jet is which on the singular article. --NintendoPanda101 (talk) 17:49, September 1, 2023 (EDT)