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What is ICC?[edit]

I feel this is an important fact to convey that isn't. What's ICC? 16:29, June 27, 2023 (EDT)

My brain hurts trying to find out if ICC is a fictional brand or not.
Turns out, it's a mixture of both: while the branding of this tin can is fictional, the ICC branding belongs to a Japanese canning company, named 岩手缶詰 (Iwate-Kandzume).
Soruce: (the ICC has a different logo, so we shouldn't connect that to the Wiki page of Iwate yet).
Trying to search up 岩手缶詰ICC yields nothing other than an auction site, which isn't always a trusted source, so we shouldn't use it as a definitive source.
The writing on the tin says さんま蒲焼 (Sanma Kabayaki, grilled mackerel pike), so I tried to look up what is this with the ICC brand name. It gave me nothing but a Japanese description of this treasure.
But searching up 岩手缶詰さんま蒲焼 gave me a possible lead that this ICC brand is just 岩手缶詰's brand name. It also helps that one of Iwate's specialty is making canned fish goods, one of which includes grilled mackerel pike. Source: +
However, I must re-iterate that the branding of the real life ICC-brand tin does not match with the Pikmin's ICC-brand tin, so we should advise against connecting ICC to Iwate yet.
My brain hurts, but hopefully this little aim-chair historian act of mine was worth our wasted time. — White Eye User signature. 日出づる雲 7:25 PM, 5 December, 2023 (CST)