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This template shows the icon of a subject, with the icon linking to said subject. You can also have it quickly give a link to the subject in plain text, right after the icon.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Subject Name of the subject's article.
2 No Text link If this has a value, like "y", the subject's name will also appear in front of the icon, with a link to the subject's article.
3 No 24x24px Size Use this to set the icon to a size of your liking.
v No Version If there is more than one version of the subject, use this parameter to specify it. This is valid for icon filenames that follow the following pattern: "<subject> <version> icon.png".
l No Link If the link to the article is different from the icon's name, specify it here.
n No Display name If you want a different display name for the text link, specify it here.
c No Class If you'd like to add a CSS class to the image, specify it here.
nosize No Ignore "size" If this parameter has a value, the icon size will not be changed from the original.

The following special cases exist:

  • If the subject is "Pikmin (game)", the mouse-over text for the image will show "Pikmin".


{{icon|<subject>|<text link?>|<size>|v=<version>|l=<link>|n=<display name>|c=<class>|nosize=<no resize?>}}


Code Result
{{icon|Swooping Snitchbug}}
Swooping Snitchbug icon.png
Shoot icon.png Shoot
{{icon|Burgeoning Spiderwort|y|v=spicy|n=Spicy Burgeoning Spiderwort|nosize=y}}
Burgeoning Spiderwort spicy icon.png Spicy Burgeoning Spiderwort