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This template creates a table with information about a news feed, for use with {{news}}.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Date Date of the item. It should use {{date}}, year included.
2 Yes Type Type of item.
  • c: Community-related news.
  • s: Official news about the series.
  • w: Wiki-related news.
  • n: NIWA wiki-related news.
  • b: News about Pikmin Bloom events.
3 Yes Text The actual item text.


{{news item | <date> | <type> | <text>}}


Code Result
{{news item|{{date|28|July|2017}}|s|'''{{hp}}''' has been released in North America and Europe!}}
July 28th, 2017
Hey! Pikmin has been released in North America and Europe!